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posted 02.15.2012 at 9.55 a.m. by Corey McLaughlin

Defense to Begin Case in Huguely Trial

The prosecution is expected to rest its case Wednesday in the George Huguely murder trial, after painting him through seven days of testimony as an abusive brute dealing with excessive alcohol problems that ultimately led to the death of on-and-off girlfriend Yeardley Love.

Defense attorneys will begin their case Wednesday and, if opening statements are an indication, their arguments will likely include the notion that Huguely didn't mean to kill Love and didn't know that he allegedly did when he left her apartment the night of her May 2010 death. Last week, the defense asked the jury to consider an involuntary manslaughter charge and blamed prescription drugs and alcohol for Love's death. They also disputed that bruises and marks on Love's body were the result of blunt force trauma, as the prosecution contends, but rather from efforts of medical personnel attempting to revive her.

On Tuesday, a Virginia medical examiner testified that Love indeed died of blunt force trauma, according to the Washington Post. He also said Love had alcohol and the prescription drug Adderall in her system when she died, but that these factors did not cause her death.

According to The Baltimore Sun in Wednesday's editions, "Those theories are expected to be explored in depth over the next couple of days as the defense looks to lessen the impact of testimony describing a vicious end for Love. At issue is Huguely's alcohol use, which could be employed by defense attorneys to show that he was too intoxicated to control his actions and that Huguely was unaware that Love was fatally injured when he left her apartment."

It's unclear if Huguely will testify in his own defense.

For more: (Warning: The video below from ABC News contains additional details on the death not included in our recap above.)

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