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posted 03.27.2011 at 6.31 p.m. by Corey McLaughlin

Sunday Leftovers: Virginia at Johns Hopkins

Before scrolling down, check out the game story on here from Johns Hopkins' 12-11 win over Virginia on Saturday at Homewood Field. Hopefully most of the main points that should have been discussed coming out of the game were addressed there. In short, the Blue Jays' young bucks stepped up big time.

This post is meant to be an overtime period of information, tidbits and postgame reaction from Saturday that didn't make the above story.

What we thought they thought

Game planning and scouting would make me bonkers if I were a coach. Just listen to Johns Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala describe his thoughts while preparing for Saturday's game against Virginia. You'll remember in the Blue Jays previous game against Syracuse they held the ball to limit Orange possessions.

"We felt like they thought we might come in and slow it down because of last week," Pietramala said about Virginia Saturday. "But what we took from that game and is that we asked our offensive guys last week to be intelligent and aggressive, but don't push the tempo too much. That's really hard for a young group to do. We got caught dodging, and getting a step on a guy, and slowing down because we didn't know what we should do. Should we keep going, should we move, should we pull it out? Well, coach wants us to take our time. Today we felt we had to be aggressive. ... We knew we couldn't beat this team scoring 3, 4, 5, 6 goals."

Athletic Blue Jays

Virginia coach Dom Starsia gave Johns Hopkins credit for being an athletic group that can play at a quick pace if it chooses. "I always felt like they were pretty good," Starsia said when asked to compare this Johns Hopkins team with groups past. "I've always felt like they had a lot of athletes, that they can get up and down the field. I thought today, they played some of the unsettled game, and I've always felt they had the personnel to do that."

Greeley's status

I asked Pietramala for an update on sophomore midfielder John Greeley's status after the game. "He'll be fine. He'll play," Pietramala said, not providing any definitive insight, but perhaps indicating Greeley would play Sunday against North Carolina. Greeley dressed in street clothes on the bench during the second half Saturday. He was knocked out of the game by a Matt Lovejoy check in the second quarter.

Faceoff battle

Johns Hopkins specialist Matt Dolente dominated faceoffs until Virginia switched from starting faceoff man Ryan Benincasa and used mainly Garrett Ince in the second half. "Play at the faceoff X had the game going in their direction early," Starsia said. Dolente won 9 of 12 first-half faceoffs, but only five of 15 in the second half. Ince finished 11-for-17 and Benincasa was 2-for-8.

Shooting woes

Prior to its third-quarter rally, Virginia struggled to put shots on goal and those that were Johns Hopkins goaltender Pierce Bassett gobbled up. Shamel Bratton finished the day with 11 shots and only four on goal with two goals. Colin Briggs took seven shots with two on goal for one score. "A couple shots started to drop for us," Starsia said, "[but] we had really good chances earlier in the game. The game might have been closer early."