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posted 06.08.2011 at 9.50 a.m. by Corey McLaughlin

Starsia: 'I Enjoy This as Much as I Ever Have'

In a story by Jeff White of titled "Starsia Looking Forward to 20th Season," Virginia coach Dom Starsia coach doesn't come out and flatly say he will return next season. But he provides a pretty good case that he is coming back.

There have been rumors that this may have been Starsia's last season, especially after Virginia made an unlikely run to the national title. The last two years have been tough on the coach. His father passed away last May, not long after George Huguely was charged with the murder of Yeardley Love. Huguely's trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 6, 2012. This year's team dealt with disciplinary issues.

Now would seem like a good time to move on, if Starsia was planning on it, but he's evidently not ready for that.

"With everything that's gone on, and my age, I can understand [the speculation]," Starsia is quoted as saying. "I'm not offended by it. It was never my intent [to step down]. There were times when I felt like, 'What am I doing here?' But I never felt like I've had enough of this."

At another point in the story, Starsia said: "I still enjoy this as much as I ever have."

I suggest reading the piece in its entirety.

Among other topics discussed:

Starsia's relationship with assistant coach Marc Van Arsdale ("We now think alike without talking," Starsia said), the Brattons' dismissal, and why John Haldy was so important to the team. A hint: mainly to soften the intensity of Bray Malphrus.