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posted 08.10.2012 at 2.51 p.m. by Corey McLaughlin

Faceoff Veterans React to Proposed Changes

* NCAA Men's Rules Committee Proposes Major Changes
* Q&A with Committee Chair Jon Hind
* Faceoff Specialists Unite in Opposition

If there is any group of the proposed changes by the NCAA men's rules committee that has generated the most negative feedback, it has been the proposals that would alter the way faceoffs are taken and enforced. Even the institution of a shot clock, in stall warning situations, hasn't generated as much.

A group of veteran Major League Lacrosse faceoff specialists, dubbed "The Faceoff Club," chimed in Friday with a comprehensive look at the proposals that would effect the college game.

The group includes MLLers past and present - current Dartmouth head coach Andy Towers, Nolan Godfrey, Greg Gurenlian, Craig Bunker, Jerry Ragonese, John Ortolani and Chris Mattes.

Each presented their general opinion of the rules changes and they voted as a group on items of interest.

No motorcycle grip: Rejected, 5-2

30-second penalty after third pre-whitsle violation per half: Approved, 5-2

Procedure prior to whistle, player stays on the field: Approved, 6-1

During penalty situations, there must be four players in the defensive area and three players in the offensive area: Approved, 7-0

Tape may not be added to the throat of the crosse of the player taking a faceoff: Rejected, 5-2

12-inch seperation between sticks, experimental for fall: Rejected, 6-1

Read all of their thoughts here.