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posted 09.01.11 at 12.16 p.m. by Corey McLaughlin

Boston Cannons MLL Championship Postgame: Sweeney, Farrell, Reid

Defenseman Kyle Sweeney...

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It meant something for sure. This is my ninth year in the league. I'm the oldest guy on the team. This is my fourth championship and first in Boston. When Billy [coach Daye] called me before the season and asked if I was coming back to play another year, I told Billy, I don't care about the party anymore. I don't need the money. I don't care if my name is in another magazine. I just came back just to win.

There's nobody that cares about this, or does more work in this league, than Billy Daye. I've played for coaches, seen coaches, for him to finally get this championship ... I ran right over to him and said I told you I'd come back to win. Congratulations, you deserve it. ... He's tirelessly caring about this team. This is not a full-time job, but he approaches it as if it is. He prepared for it. It's not just a Thursday, Friday, Saturday thing for him. All week, he's watching film. He's cutting up film. He's sending emails. He's watching out other teams tape. He's studying, so he can give it to the guys who do just show up and play Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I'm really happy for him.

The guys that have been on this team for a while, Rabil, Casey, Reid, Poskay, in his sixth year, he never won it here. I'm happy for those guys. They've been scrapping hard for so long.

Ryan Boyle and I are good friends. This our fifth championship, four MLL and one world. We've been close friends for nine years, he was groomsman in my wedding, we're roommates on the road. When the final whistle blew, I said to him this doesn't get old. You ever get tired of winning. That's what makes it special for me, and makes it easier for me, to whenever I do decide to retire, if it is this year, it makes it a lot easier to walk away. Finish all-pro and with a championship.

Rookie defenseman Brian Farrell...

These guys are such good guys. It was easy to get into the system. Sure, I had to tell a joke and tell a little something about myself, but from then on, it was real easy just playing with these guys. Everybody embraced me and it was real fun.

There's a tradition where they have the rookies give a speech. I didn't know anything about it. I said I was scared coming in here, not knowing anything about the team. These guys embraced me. It's kind of neat to see how close these guys are. Some of the relationships that they have for only meeting once a week. It's so much fun, everyone is positive.

The whole team really wanted to get this one. For all the people who haven't won one. We worked hard together for everybody who hasn't won. We played for each other.

It's a great group of guys. Guys that care about each other and focus on the game at hand. It was awesome. We have a great staff behind us, guys you'll never hear about, our trainers. The whole organization is such a tight-knit group.

Luckily they gave ma couple weeks off after [the college season]. The speed, every time you move up a level, high school to college, college to pro, was a big adjustment. So was the shot clock. The first game I was terrible getting used to everything, get used to speed, but you pick it up and guys' tendencies.

Defenseman Jack Reid....

It's been a process. We've had some teams and we wanted this for a long time. This is a squad that's just been feeling it together all year. We got it done in the hurricane and made Sunday a possibility, which was our first goal. Guys went out there and executed.

This year that was an intense amount of synergy. Guys knew what they were expected to be doing, and what they needed to do personally. It brought guys together. We added some young guys.

We were on a roll early [in the season]. We found our stride. We lost a couple games to start the back third of the season. We were coming back together after the all-star break. It's always tough to leave on the momentum, and pick things back up where you left off. We came back from the all-star break and struggled for two weeks. It gave us a gut check but didn't make us waver.

The offense today was explosive. The scoreboard doesn't indicate how dominating they were. The first half on 'D' we barely saw them threatening.

Defensively, all season we wanted to win our battles and support each other. That's sounds like an easy game plan, but that's really what we we're aiming to do. The offense found a great groove sharing the ball. Offensively, the ball was moving around a lot. We got threats from so many areas. From Poskay to Quinzani and you surround them with dodgers – Heim, Rabil, Buchanan, Boyle – all these are going to the net and can be a threat. You have to respect guys who know how to finish.