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posted 03.25.2013 at 12.53 p.m. by Kelly McNelis

Lacrosse Community Plays for Seton Hill

Kelly McNelis

"Sports create a bond between contemporaries that lasts a lifetime. It also gives your life structure, discipline and a genuine, sincere, pure fulfillment that few other areas of endeavor provide." – Bob Cousy

The lacrosse community is indescribable. Whether it is Division I, II, III, club, high school or rec league, there is an unspoken bond between us all. When a hardship is suffered by a part of our community, that bond grows even stronger. The amount of support we show for one another surpasses all others.

Last weekend we all endured a great loss. The Seton Hill University women's lacrosse team was involved in a fatal accident on the way to its game against Millersville University on March 16. Sadly, the bus driver, Seton Hill head coach Kristie Quigley and her unborn baby boy were killed in the crash.

Many tributes sprang up following the news, demonstrating the unity and outpouring of support our lacrosse community has shown at this difficult time. On the "Play 4 Seton Hill" Facebook page, there are dozens of pictures displaying teams who have dedicated their games to Seton Hill, wearing items of crimson and gold representing Seton Hill's team colors. The Boston College women's lacrosse team "Played 4 Seton Hill" last Wednesday during our home game against cross-town rival, Boston University. Before the game we held a moment of silence honoring all those involved in the accident and our entire team wore crimson and gold ribbons on our shoelaces.

As lacrosse players and athletes, we are all fierce competitors who are determined to win. We wake up early for practice, prepare and train hard all in anticipation to put our uniforms on and compete on game day. One thing we must never forget is what drives us to do all of this. It is the love of the game and the friends we make along the way; friends who will remain in our lives for a long time to come, and friends we may have to say good-bye to much earlier than we ever imagined.

As a whole, our entire lacrosse community mourns the loss of Coach Quigley and her unborn son. Tragic events like this have affected us all too often over the past few years. In memory of these losses there have been several foundations and scholarship funds created that present us with opportunities to give back.

- A scholarship fund to benefit Kristie Quigley's son, Gavin, has been set up and can be found at

- The Kellie Thompson Shiley Family Trust website ( was established to ensure support for Kellie's three children, after she died July 13, 2012, from complications following the delivery of twin baby girls.

- To honor the memory of Yeardley Love and help put an end to relationship violence, The One Love Foundation was established in 2010. Information for this great cause can be found at

Let's continue to show the strength and support our community has for one another and remember those that have been left behind.


"You will never win if you never begin" – Robert H. Schuller