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February 2, 2011

HSG Recruiting Showcases Here to Stay?

by Chris Meade |

Are recruiting showcases officially here in girls' lacrosse?

Two weekends ago, Charlie Shoulberg and STEPS Lacrosse in New Jersey ran the inaugural Elite 120 girls recruiting showcase at the Indoor Sports Pavilion in Randolph, N.J. Elite 120 showcased the top 120 sophomore and 120 junior players in the girls' game during a hot spot in the recruiting calendar when juniors are verbally committing to Division I programs, and many those D-I programs are getting in-depth looks at sophomores.

The Elite 120 model is similar to the well-known showcase model popularized by Jake
Reed's Nike Blue Chip on the boys' side. By limiting the amount of participating players to the top 120 players from the top clubs in the country, college coaches end up seeing an extremely high level of competition where they can evaluate players in a setting unavailable at tournaments or during the regular season.

So why did Elite 120 work and why do you want to send your daughter next year?

The top club programs realized that college coaches supported the event and were willing to send their top players. Walking around the facility was like a who's who of women's college lacrosse. Yes, that's Ricky Fried from Georgetown. Yes, that's Ann Elliot from Northwestern. Yes, that's Lindsey Munday from USC.

At, we always talk about the amount of college coaches per field as something to consider when parents are deciding which camps and tournaments they are going to send their daughters. Elite 120 was one of the best examples of a true showcase in any lacrosse recruiting environment that I have been a part of since we started The ratio of coaches to player, per field, was very high.

For juniors, this was really their last opportunity to be evaluated by the top Division I programs. Come summer, those schools have pretty much moved onto the class of 2013 (with a few exceptions). For the sophomores in attendance, it was an incredible opportunity for them to get the ball rolling before a crucial summer for players with Division I aspirations.

With these events, there is always an element of what we refer to as the chicken-and-egg scenario. If the coaches are there, then the girls will be there. On the other side, if the girls are there, then the coaches will be there. A lot can be said for the organizers to be able secure such a high level of both players and coaches.

What to look for in the upcoming year?

Elite 120 marks the beginning of the trend of more showcase events and camps in the girls' game. The best example that I can think of leading into this summer is the Northeast 215 in Massachusetts. Northeast 215 already boasts a list of over 40 college coaches in attendance. Slowly we will see more of these events on the horizon.

Parents will just have to do their research to make sure that they are well run and the right fit for their daughters. At, we work with our members to make sure they are going to the right events for them. Every event is not created equal, unfortunately.

Chris Meade is co-founder of, the Official Recruiting Tool of US Lacrosse. streamlines the recruiting process for you and exponentially increases your visibility among college coaches by making it convenient for them to see you play and view your profile. He will be submitting posts and commentary about the recruiting process periodically on LMO.

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