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posted 07.21.11 at 7.07.p.m. by Shannon Minter

Lax Swag with "Minty Fresh"

"You're either in or you're out!"

by Shannon Minter, US Lacrosse Events Associate

July 21 Post

Before I get into today's US Lacrosse U-15 Girls Championship attire, I'd like to give a special and well deserved shoutout to the college boys in Seattle for designing the team socks for Team Washington!!!!!! How can I get a pair?????

Today, Lax Maniax out of Florida decided to go with black and hot pink jerseys. From afar, you would never notice the little lacrosse players plastered all over their uniforms. To top off their look, some of the girls wore black and hot pink socks with black and pink spandex. I even saw one or two girls that had black and hot pink sneakers! Girls always love to color coordinate.

I kind of like the uniforms of last year's champs, the Long Island Yellow Jackets. Their jerseys are yellow and accented with navy and blue stripes. The slogan "Fear the Yellow Jacket" (the yellow jacket actually being a yellow jacket) on the back of their jerseys was a sweet addition.  I'm definitely loving the Yellow Jackets team socks - they have a yellow pair with Navy "YJ" initials and a navy pair with yellow initials. Speaking with Coach Carol Rainson-Rose, the girls sometimes wear a yellow sock on one foot and a navy sock on the other.

Another team that caught my attention was Stars Gold. Their teams are all on one accord. The players are all dressed the same and even the coaches coordinated well with Stars Gold white polos and black mesh shorts. The girls' uniforms are white, powder blue, and a pitch of black along with black kilts. No one on the team has on Powder Blue socks or any other tye die coordination. The coaches require them all to wear black socks. Since my coworker and Event Coordinator, Ariana, and myself have an obsession with lacrosse socks (I still do not even think we know why), we had briefly spoke with the Stars Gold coach last year that he needed to include cool and fun socks, but his only allows his team to wear black socks. I wonder if this year we can convince him to add this accessory.

Well tomorrow is a new day, I hear Team Georgia's coaches have shorts that their players probably wish they could have. It will be a hard decision picking my top ten.

Lax Maniax

Stars Gold

July 20 Post

Day 1 of the US Lacrosse Girls U15 National Championships, presented by Champion, are now underway and for the past hour and a half, I have made my rounds around the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, scoping out fancy lacrosse uniforms and seeking the top ten. Out of 20 teams, I've already started my chants of "oohs" and "ahhs" as the first nine teams have crossed paths with me.

I am not a laxer; however, I have quite the appreciation for funky lacrosse uniforms and matching accessories. 

Currently in the lead is Team Washington. We're talking lime green razorback uniforms with royal blue trimming and all the girls teamed up to wear lime green hair ribbons; all tied to perfection. But what makes their uniforms stand out so far from the rest? Their matching lime green socks. The girls teamed up and designed lacrosse socks to represent the state of Washington by including the Seattle skyline. How, and where, can I get a pair of those?????

Behind Team Washington, the CT Chargers out of Connecticut have uniforms that will also make you do a double take. This is the first time I've seen a mix between Orange and Carolina Blue, and I must say, I may have to add this color scheme to my own personal wardrobe. Some of the girls are also highlighting their uniforms with CT Chargers spankies, CT Chargers bandanas, and check this, even matching CT Chargers sports bras! My assumption when I first saw them was that the girls designed them and I wanted to locate which girl (or girls) did, but speaking briefly with the coach, Dee Stephan, she put all the brains into the artwork.

This might be a hard decision.

Team Washington

Connecticut Chargers