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posted 07.23.11 at 1.27.p.m. by Shannon Minter

Minty Fresh Ranks the Swag at USL Girls National Championship

Lax Swag With Minty Fresh
"You're either in or you're out!"


Yesterday was the final day of the girls US Lacrosse U-15 National Championship and my last rounds of determining which team would make my list as best uniform at this event. After looking at all 20 teams, although this was a hard decision for me, I have chosen my top uniforms and honorable mention. So here goes:

Honorable Mention: TEAM GEORGIA

The girls made purple look good in their white kilts, but it was the funkiness of the coaches' shorts that I could not help but write about. Come on, who wouldn't want shorts where the letter "o" was exactly like the "o" on the Fruit Loop box? We hope to see Team Georgia represent in this event again next year. Who knows, maybe the girls next year will have matching kilts!


Personally, I'm a fan of their custom white, navy and lime green custom socks. That alone put them on my list of favs. Hope to see NorCal Elite again next year!


Greater Houston represented good ol' Texas and its state's colors of white, red, and navy. The girls wore red shorts, which included the state of Texas going down along the side. The Events team loved their goalie's argyle game shorts as well as their Greater Houston lacrosse team socks. Great jobs ladies, hope to see you next year!


I had the chance to see their uniforms twice as they participated in our US Lacrosse Southeast Regional Qualifier in Raleigh, N.C. and was a big fan of their white lacrosse socks with the red and yellow stripes and red lacrosse sticks. They even had red team bags to complement their look. Hope to see Southern Ohio again next year!


The 2011 US Lacrosse Girls U-15 National Champions have made my list. To add to their get-up: definitely Yellow Jacket team bags or possibly navy or white jerseys. Congratulations ladies!

4th Place: STARS GOLD

Our 2nd place team holds fourth in my poll of top uniforms. I loved the color combination of the white, black, and powder blue jerseys and the gold star; I even liked how the two coaches were in sync with each other as well with their white "Stars Gold" polos and black mesh shorts. Although last year we could not convince the coach to do an all black sock with gold and powder blue stripes, their all black socks showed they were a team of one. But who knows, maybe the convincing we did this year will happen for next year. GOLD SOCKS! Great job girls and hope to see you again next year!

3rd Place: LAX MANIAX

This list wouldn't be a list if I didn't add a Florida team. Coming in at third, Lax Maniax rocked the black and hot pink uniforms and rocked them well. Definitely a fan of the colors and the little lacrosse players supplemented on them. And the hot pink and black team tent! Hope to see you guys next year!

2nd Place: CT DODGERS

Another great color combination of orange and powder blue, the Dodgers also had matching spandex, bandanas, and even sports bras. Now all they need are orange and powder blue socks. I'm invisioning two different pairs - an orange pair with powder blue socks and a powder blue pair with orange socks. PS Coach Stephan, should you design socks (since you designed the whole uniform), definitely send pairs my way! I hope your team enjoyed themselves and hope to see you next year!


From head to toe, ribbon to backpack, Team Washington State by far had the best uniforms! Their color scheme of lime green and royal blue meshed along with their lime green hair ribbons and royal blue backpacks. However, what sold it for me were their lime green socks with the Seattle skyline. If any of you Washingtoners know the college boys that designed the socks, please have them contact me via email at I would love to buy a pair to help them with their fundraising!