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posted 02.12.2012 at 10.30 a.m. by Lyndsey Munoz

LyndsLaxx Blog: Bouncing Back

Lyndsey Munoz

I am so excited that our season has finally begun. Even though it didn't start the way we wanted it to, the game (Stanford's 18-6 loss to Northwestern on Friday) brings about an important issue in the game or any game for that matter: losing. How do you deal with losing a game? How do you move forward from a loss?

I must admit, losing stinks. It's one of the worst feelings, especially when you lose by so much. However, what matters the most is how you bounce back from the loss, and how you improve for the next game. The important thing to concentrate on after a loss is to find some positives that you as a player did well (for me in the game obviously making saves are my most positive moments). After losing, a lot of players get stuck in negativity, and that is never good. You have to realize that getting down on yourself is not going to change the score of the game. From this point, what I usually do is try to find a lesson to be learned, or something to further work on. Something to recognize is that sometimes you can learn more from a loss than a win. For me, after the game I realized I needed to work on getting my stick out faster and further. With that said, it is also important to know (especially if you are a goalie) that there is nothing one player can do to change the outcome of a games. A loss is never, ever one person's fault. Once you have what you need to work on, you work on it and then let the game go. I know I will work on what I have to, and never think about that game unless we play them again later on in the year. It's not conducive to getting better if you're constantly thinking about the past. You just have to do what you have to do, and then like our coach Amy Bokker says to us constantly, "get your mind right" for the next one.

As I wrote the first part of this blog on Saturday, after we had played the No. 1 team in the country, I had every intention on writing how we bounced back and beat Ohio State on Sunday. However, that just wasn't the case. As much as this second loss hurts, the reason I love this sport is because anything can happen on any given day, nothing is predetermined. And now that we are starting our season 0-2, the question still lingers. How do you come back from a loss? Now more than ever, our attitude is key to our next game. I do think a lot of effort will go into our practices this week, working on things we need to work on. But, more importantly, we will be working mentally. I know I will, to be able to play to the level that we are capable of. When you can change your attitude from a losing one to a winning one, then you will start to win games.