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posted 02.27.2012 at 10.15 a.m. by Lyndsey Munoz

Been There, Done That: Munoz's Recruiting Advice

Lyndsey Munoz

WOW. We had an exciting weekend here at Stanford. The game (a 14-13 comeback against No. 9 James Madison) was just so awesome to be a part of. The heart of our team was shown this weekend, especially in the final seconds with Anna Kim scoring the winning goal and dislocating her shoulder in the process. Also, we had a sophomore weekend here that brought up another important issue in college lacrosse: RECRUITING (it's crazy to remember when I thought junior days were starting early). Being from Maryland, I get asked a lot how I ended up at a school in California. So, for today's blog I'm going to talk about my process and how I ended up at Stanford.

Although being a goalie makes my experience unique, I believe many people can relate. When I was getting started I think my list was about 30 schools deep. A lot of people told me that was way too many, but when you're first starting it's important to keep your options open. Why goalies are unique to recruiting is that some schools have certain patterns in which they take goalies. Some schools just didn't need one for my graduation year.

Something else I learned is to always to be open to schools even if you think you won't like something about it. Also, don't rule anything out because of how you view yourself. What I mean by this is, for example, I didn't think I was good enough to go to a top 10 school and yet it's exactly where I ended up. I also didn't think I wanted to go to a school far away. Yet, I'm 3,000 miles away from my family. I also didn't think I wanted to go to a school with cold weather, yet when I was narrowing my choices it was between Stanford and a school in the north. My point is you may think you know what you want, but in fact you won't know until you actually go and visit schools.

Stanford was the very first school I ever visited, and as soon as I walked onto campus I knew it was where I wanted to be. The atmosphere here is just incredible, and I don't just mean the weather. I think a lot of people get caught up in wanting to go to the best lacrosse school possible, however, you have to remember that unfortunately after college we'll be done playing lacrosse. It's important to pick a school for the school and not just for lacrosse. This is why I ultimately chose Stanford—it has the best combination of athletics and academics, and if I weren't playing lacrosse I would still want to be here. That is the most crucial thing to ask yourself when looking at schools: Take lacrosse out of the picture, would you still want to be there?

Also, another point is to take your time to figure out what you want. So many girls get caught up in just wanting to be committed and done that they rush to a decision. It doesn't matter whether you are the first one or the last one committed. What is important is that you make the right decision for YOU. My last point, is even though it is a stressful process, try not to get too worked up about it. All of my friends went through the process differently, and have ended up at places they love. So don't worry, everything will work out!