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posted 03.18.2014 at 10.39 a.m. by Lyndsey Munoz

Munoz: Pretty Sweet East Coast Swing

Lyndsey Munoz

Stanford goalie Lyndsey Munoz has blogged for since her sophomore season with the Stanford women's lacrosse team. She's now in her senior year. Read her previous blogs here.

 This is a very tired, but happy Lyndsey writing this week post-dead week and morning practices. Right now we're in our usual two-week game hiatus for dead week (usually papers, presentations due) and then finals week. Currently, I have one final down and one more to go on Wednesday. I think it went pretty well, but I'm excited to get my last college final over with! Next quarter my classes don't have finals, which I'm SO HAPPY about, in case you couldn't guess. Despite the lack of sleep and constant schoolwork, I'm still pretty happy.

You may have saw or read about our trip to the East Coast where we won not one, but two overtime games. We are still very much enjoying and living in those moments. Personally, I really enjoy just replaying a little highlight reel in my head of those games. Although they were great wins, they were nowhere near perfect and that's why I'm glad we have these two weeks. At Towson, we had a strong first half and then not as great second half and at Georgetown we had a poor first half and great second half and overtime. We all went back and watched film, and we definitely learned a lot from doing so and getting solid practices in.

But overall it really was a great weekend, coming up with two awesome upsets in front of friends and family was just unbelievable. My "abu" got to see her first women's lacrosse game at Georgetown and we came back from a six-goal deficit. She also got to meet my teammates and coaches, who oddly thought we were twins. (I don't see it, but maybe it's just me.) I also got to see my other family members, and my baby cousin Felicity who was our little cheerleader (see photo below).

Now we are looking forward to our game against St. Mary's on Saturday, and then our spring break trip to Cornell and Notre Dame. I'm really excited for both of these games. Obviously with Notre Dame we ended their season last year and it's just always a good game when we play each other. Cornell is a team I have yet to play in my four years, but my high school teammate Chelsea Rowe captains their team and I know how mad she used to get when I stopped her shots then so we'll see how mad she gets now (She's one of the most competitive people to this day that I know, so I'm sure I'm providing fuel for her).

In other news, I got a pet bunny named Bear! He's a Netherland dwarf, and almost two months old. I had the same kind of rabbits when I was younger, but mine were orange and black. He's a little skittish since it's only been five days since I got him, but I've held him a few times and he's a really calm and nice bunny. His name came from the California flag having a bear on it; don't worry it definitely did not come from the Golden Bears.

Also, I forgot to mention in my last post that since writing the happiness blog, I started doing 100 happy days. It appeared on some news stations, but there's also a website if you want to check it out. For 100 days straight you post pictures of something that made you happy, whether a meal or a good view or a nice text. You can do it through any social media, but you're supposed to make it public so you are held accountable. I decided to make a new instagram (@lmunoz14 if you want to follow), so that my followers didn't have to be bombarded by a bunch of photos. But I have been having such a great time doing it, because it really forces you to go and find things every single day no matter what's going on. I really suggest it; it makes you grateful for the little things. If you look at the accumulation of my posts you will notice that food is a common thing for me, but I don't hate it. A good meal with the right people can make anyone happy!

This is my family that came (mom, aunt (mom's sister), dad, and brother). My dad sometimes is really a 10 year-old boy.
This is my Abu.
This is Felicity.
This is Bear, he's tired from finals, too.