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posted 03.29.2012 at 7.51 a.m. by Lyndsey Munoz

Munoz: On Spring Break Back East

Lyndsey Munoz

Right now, since we're on trimesters, we're in the middle of our spring break. It's not even over and we've already had some ups and downs. For today's blog I will discuss some of these, and the rest of our plans for our spring break trip.

Since you can't beat the weather on the West Coast, for spring break we must go elsewhere. On Friday morning we left for Boston at 10 a.m., everyone so excited after finishing our hard exams. After landing in Boston, we had to drive to Providence to prepare to play against Brown University. It had been over two weeks since we had played a game, because of dead week and finals week. Dead week is a period where we aren't supposed to learn anything new, and we prepare for our exams the following week. For teams not in-season, they are not allowed to practice and only focus on schoolwork. However, for us it just means two weeks of practice.

On Saturday, we watched some film and practiced at Brown. For dinner we went to this cool place called Fire and Ice. You go in, pick the food you want and they cook it right in front of you. On Sunday we got ready to play Brown. Unfortunately, the game didn't exactly go the way we expected. But that was probably part of the problem. What was nice, though, was that I got to see my parents and some of my extended family from New York who came. Meanwhile, my older brother lives in Philadelphia and drove down to watch my younger sister Sarah, who, because of school and lacrosse was unable to come.

On Monday, we watched film from the game to learn from the mistakes we had made. We then drove to Boston to get a good hard practice in at Harvard. Later in the day we went to Harvard Square to see "The Hunger Games," which was AMAZING! I'm already halfway through the second book! After that, we were allowed to walk around Harvard Square and pick anywhere we wanted to eat. However most of us ended up at Starbucks because of how cold it was! Cold in California is nothing compared to cold in the North. Monday night we all watched the Stanford women's basketball team beat Duke and advance to the final four, which was awesome to watch.

Tuesday morning we used the hotel's gym and our sports performance coach Lesley took us through a tough circuit. We had afternoon practice, and went to Harvard Square again for dinner of our choice. After dinner, we got back and watched the Stanford men's basketball team beat UMass and advance to the NIT championships. Wednesday we played Harvard. Again, a disappointing loss, but we will learn from it and play better for the next one. Although my parents weren't at Harvard, one of my best friends, Kelly McNelis, who plays lacrosse at Boston College came to see me. Definitely helps after a loss to see a friend, especially since I don't see my friends from home until school is over.

Right now we're on the bus to Albany. We will play there Friday. They're a very good team, arguably better than Harvard. For Friday we need to make some adjustments from the last game, and concentrate on doing better in every way we can. It's no secret we have a young team this year, and while many doubt our abilities, we will never settle for less than we're capable of. We are very capable of doing many things, and we're still striving towards our goal of getting to the NCAA championship game. We're only halfway through our season, there's still a ton more of lacrosse to be played, and I'm looking forward to it.