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posted 04.08.2013 at 1.06 p.m. by Lyndsey Munoz

Getting on Schedule at Stanford

Lyndsey Munoz

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I have given an update, but things have been very busy here on the farm. Since Stanford is on a quarter system, we had to take a two-week break from games to prepare for and take our final exams. We all have to study hard, especially if you want to attend the 3.5 Dinners at the Bokker house (of our head coach Amy Bokker) where we get to pick any meal of choice to have if you earn a GPA of 3.5 or higher for the quarter.

After exams, we departed on our spring break trip. Spring break is a great time where we don't have any schoolwork to worry about, and are able to just play lacrosse and enjoy each other's company.

We headed for Vanderbilt the Saturday after exams. While we were there we got to attend a Nashville Predators hockey, went line dancing, and also came out with a great win against Vanderbilt, 15-4. Everyone was so on point in everything they did; top to bottom it was a great team effort.

After spending a couple days in Nashville, we bussed up to Harrisonburg, Va., to play James Madison. It was definitely a long bus ride there from Nashville, but it led to some great quality time with teammates. The start of the JMU game was a little shaky. We were losing 7-4 at half, but we came in the second half with all of the confidence in the world, and our attack was on fire. It was the first game we came back to win, and was great to watch the attack having so much success. We went back to California on Saturday, and it was nice to be on campus for Easter when teammate Anna Kim and I went to Rachel Ozer's house for brunch. It's great to be in a family environment even when you can't be with your own.

After spring break, we had another tough game ahead playing conference rival Denver on the road. This was an important game with the top spot in the MPSF on the line, and we ended up losing 14-10. You could say maybe it was because of the altitude, maybe the time change, or lack of discipline and energy, but I really think above all else it was the lack of confidence that caused us to lose that game. We were doing very uncharacteristic things like making bad passes, dropping the ball, taking shots in wrong places, swinging too much, and even myself missing shots that I normally save in practice all of the time. These uncharacteristic things came one after another, and Denver was able to capitalize on our continued lack of confidence.

The reason why we were able to come back in the JMU game like we did was because we came out with such confidence and displayed it with everything we did. While it is extremely frustrating and disappointing to lose the way we did, there's still a lot more left of the season and the only way we can move on is to learn from our mistakes and forget about the loss.

Coming up this week we really will have to be able to clear our heads and play with the confidence we know how to, as we head to Northwestern this weekend. Not only are we playing against a great team, but also our former assistant coach Danielle Spencer. I am very excited to play against such a challenging opponent, because I really do believe that any team can win on any given day. After Northwestern we have the rest of our conference games to play before we head into the MPSF tournament.

I am looking forward to practice this week for another opportunity to get better, and for our new quarter of classes to begin. This quarter I will be taking two communications classes, Argumentation & Persuasion and Media Psychology. Also, I am taking the most popular class at Stanford, titled CS106A, which is an introduction to programming methodology where I will be learning how to code programs with the Java language. I will be learning very interesting things this quarter, and I'm excited for it to begin.