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posted 04.23.2012 at 3.31 p.m. by Lyndsey Munoz

Stanford Preps For MPSF Tournament

Lyndsey Munoz

Today I'm going to give everyone an update on Stanford lacrosse. Basically, what's going on and what's coming up next.

We've had a very busy week this past week, having four games in the span of one week. Sunday we beat San Diego State, 17-11, coming back from a four-goal deficit at one point in the game. Wednesday we played a tough game against UC Davis, coming out on top 19-18. Friday we had another one-goal win over Cal, 9-8. Then, Sunday we topped St. Mary's, 16-7.

I really think, especially in the past two games, the defense has improved greatly. Our communication has heightened, and we're forcing shots that allow me to make more saves. Also, in the past two games our unforced turnovers, the ones that we have caused on our own, have significantly decreased. Our attack has been getting off a lot more accurate shots as well. And the midfield has been excellent transitioning the ball. I think this four-game win streak has given us a great deal of confidence. That confidence is what we'll need heading into the MPSF tournament where we face potentially two teams that have already beaten us.

I'm really looking forward to playing Denver this Friday [in the MPSF semifinals]. Last time we played them we only lost 12-9, which to me isn't a high goal differential. I think we'll have a good advantage getting to play at home, and now Anna Kim is back from an injury in the midfield. We also know their tendencies better from getting to play against them before. But also, in the same respect, they know us better too. I think it's going to be a tough game, one that we'll need to be extremely prepared for regardless of having Anna back and home field advantage. They have a lot of great players, and we have great players to match them.

If there's anything I have learned from this season and the last MPSF tournament, it is that anyone can win in these scenarios. We're all essentially playing to keep playing. In last year's MPSF final, our 2010 team that was heavy with upperclassmen was down 7-0 10 minutes into the game against a young Oregon team. Young, old, experienced, rookie, anyone can win at this point in the season. I'm excited to see how it all folds out, not only in the MPSF but the rest of conference tournaments as well.