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posted 04.23.2014 at 3.44 p.m. by Lyndsey Munoz

Munoz: Moving On From Up and Down Weekend

Lyndsey Munoz

Stanford goalie Lyndsey Munoz has blogged for since her sophomore season with the Stanford women's lacrosse team. She's now in her senior year. Read her previous blogs here.

I'm not sure exactly where to start, as this weekend I had one of my best games of the season and then the worst. First I had nine saves (from what my mom told me) and four goals against and then I had zero saves on Sunday and was pulled out early in the second half. I wish there was some larger problem this week like there was before, but now I just don't know. I can only say I guess like [coach] Amy [Bokker] says, some days it's a beach ball and some days it's a peanut. Most definitely at USC it was a tiny, tiny peanut and I just couldn't get it to be a beach ball. I wish I had an answer for the ups and downs of my personal play, and that of the team, but I don't really know if there is one. It's beyond frustrating but I think that's what we'll be working on this week, trying to figure out how and what keeps going wrong in these games that we should win but haven't.

I only know what I can do, and that is what I always do when something like this happens. First, as painful as it is, go back and watch film and see what was happening. Then, come up with a plan on what I'm going to work on for the week. Finally, absolutely forget the game and move forward because the season is not over and from this point on we determine our own destiny. Yes, we aren't in the position we imagined, but we're here and all we can do is move forward and play the best lacrosse that we can in the future. We play Cal this Thursday which is our last regular season game, and the last time the seniors will ever play in Cagan Stadium.

That in itself is insane to me! I'm about to play my last regular season game, which means that this thing I've been doing since age five is almost over. But after we play Cal, each game is a new opportunity to keep playing. That's why I love postseason, and that it doesn't matter what anyone's record is or what happened last weekend. It's anyone's game on any given day, and I'm looking forward to that. However, in this present moment all I can do is enjoy my off day, take time to watch the film, and refocus for the coming week.