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posted 05.07.2012 at 8.30 a.m. by Lyndsey Munoz

Munoz: Dealing With a Painful End to Season

Lyndsey Munoz

As many of you have seen in recent articles Oregon won the MPSF championship, meaning that our season is officially over. It was definitely a hard fought game, but just didn't turn out the way we hoped. This season has been an interesting experience, full of a lot of learning.

I can definitely say one thing, and that is that we fought very hard this season. The outcomes of our games won't show it, but we did. I can say for myself I definitely had high expectations for our team this season. I thought we could win MPSF's and go into the NCAA tournament. With hard work of course, I thought it could be done. However, I know what others thought of our team this season, which was we were young and therefore our season would end badly. Yes, a losing season isn't ideal, but that doesn't show for example, that we were only down 7-4 at half against Northwestern, and beating Vanderbilt at the halfway point as well. While we didn't end up winning those games, it sure does give a lot of hope for the future of our team. All of our "young" players will be experienced, learning things like how to play in pressure situations from our James Madison, Cal, and UC Davis games. Our team is losing amazing talent in our four seniors—Emilie Boeri, Anna Boeri, Maria Fortino, and Catherine Swanson. For next season, we are getting 10 brand new faces added to our team with the incoming freshman class that will prove to further improve our team.

While the future is definitely bright for our team, the loss still stings. Losing is pretty tough, but a season-ending loss is worse. I have definitely been at a loss this week. There's no more practicing everyday and playing the sport I love with my team. Classes end for the day, and I have to go back to my dorm and not the field. For me, this is what I look forward to all year long, and it's what we train for all year long. Now, it's over, and soon we will have to say goodbye to those seniors on graduation day. Lucky for us though, we still have them for another month because of our trimester schedule. While it is definitely a sad time, I have something I do when I get sad about it. What I try to do is to imagine the game before our last game. So this year our Denver game [a win the MPSF semifinals]; last year our MPSF championship; in high school, it was beating Bryn Mawr in double OT. I do this every season, because these are the memories you want to remember the most, because chances are those are the best games. In my career, it has always been the case. And when I look back onto those games it always brings a smile to my face.

Now heading into next week, we begin two days a week of lifting and conditioning. For lifting, we meet together and for the conditioning we split into groups. We're doing non-impact conditioning, so things like biking and versa-climber. This will give us a jump-start for our fitness heading into summer workouts. Most teams when their season ends are done but we're already beginning to prepare for next season. I'm very excited to start improving in every way I can. However, there is still lots of lacrosse left this season and while we won't be playing, I'm looking forward to see how it all plays out! Happy May Madness!