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2024 Still the Goal for Lacrosse in the Olympics September 12, 2013 In the wake of wrestling's reinstatement as an olympic sport for 2020 and 2024, the FIL's Tom Hayes still sees 2024 as the best chance for lacrosse to take the stage.... READ ENTIRE POST
A Father's Day Tribute to a Lacrosse Parent June 14, 2013 As we all know, there are good sports parents and, dare we say, not so good sports parents.... READ ENTIRE POST
Playing Women's Lacrosse Head Games July 26, 2012 Imagine, if you will, being encouraged to do something you have been trained NOT to do your whole life.... READ ENTIRE POST
Eating Crow, Courtesy of the Wildcats March 26, 2012 Villanova upsets Syracuse. What does this game tell us, other than the fact that I’m a clueless prognosticator?... READ ENTIRE POST