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First Take: MCLA Bracket Projections April 30, 2012 We're six days away from Selection Sunday so it's time for our first look at what we might be seeing when everything is laid out for us on Sunday evening.... READ ENTIRE POST
Loyola-Johns Hopkins Result Good for Both Sides April 29, 2012 Make no mistake about how the final outcome affected each team in the immediate aftermath of Saturday's 10-9 overtime win by No. 10 Johns Hopkins over top-ranked, previously-undefeated Loyola. The Blue Jays woke up in a great mood on Sunday. Loyola had to be angry and a bit dejected over how close it came to knocking off its Charles Street rivals for only the fourth time in 50 tries.... READ ENTIRE POST
Pittsburgh Refusing to Play Two Games at a Time April 26, 2012 They adopted the most boring team motto in the sports world, but it seems to be working pretty well for the Panthers.... READ ENTIRE POST
Johns Hopkins Can't Find Its Way In April April 25, 2012 There used to be a time in the Dave Pietramala era at Johns Hopkins when the Blue Jays owned the month of April. Actually, that had been the case for pretty much the entire coaching run his alma mater. Not in 2012.... READ ENTIRE POST