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Huguely Murder Conviction Upheld After Appeal March 5, 2014 An appeals court on Tuesday rejected several claims by attorneys for former Virginia men’s lacrosse player George Huguely, who were challenging his second-degree murder conviction for the killing of Yeardley Love.... READ ENTIRE POST
Huguely Appeals for New Trial for Third Time January 22, 2013 George Huguely, who was convicted in the murder of Virginia women’s player Yeardley Love and sentenced to 23 years in prison, has appealed for a new trial for a third time.... READ ENTIRE POST
Huguely Denied New Trial August 22, 2012 Lawyers for former Virginia men's lacrosse player George Huguely argued for a new trial Wednesday, but the bid was denied.... READ ENTIRE POST
Love Family Files Suit Against Virginia Coaches, AD May 3, 2012 Sharon Love, the mother of slain Virginia women's lacrosse player Yeardley Love, has filed a $29.45 million civil suit against Virginia men's lacrosse coach Dom Starsia, assistant coach Marc Van Arsdale, and Virginia athletic director Craig Littlepage. It comes a week after the Love family filed a similar civil lawsuit against George Huguely.... READ ENTIRE POST