December 3, 2009

D-I Game in Houston Comes with Cause

from staff reports

The University of Notre Dame and Fairfield University men's lacrosse teams will travel to Houston, Texas on March 13 to meet in the inaugural “Beating Cancer with a Stick” Lacrosse Classic.

The event, presented by Lacrosse 4 All and held at the Kinkaid School, will help raise money for the UT MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital

“This is going to be a groundbreaking event for greater Houston lacrosse, and a phenomenal opportunity to raise money for the wonderful UT MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital,” said Jeremy Platt, head boys' lacrosse coach at the Kinkaid School and the coordinator of the event. “I am excited to raise money for the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center and specifically for the Children’s Cancer Hospital.

"In recent years, this awful disease has hit our community hard. In the past two years we have had our eighth-grade lacrosse coach, Kelly Bolin, be treated for and survive throat cancer. Amy Zimmerman, the wife of our seventh-grade lacrosse coach Scott Zimmerman, is currently fighting back and recovering from both non-Hodgkin's and Hogdkin's lympoma.

“This disease is viscous and can attack anyone. UT MD Anderson is the leader in the industry in cancer research and treatment and I’m proud to be part of the effort to help them in their quest to beat cancer."

The event, highlighting Notre Dame and Fairfield as well as high school boys lacrosse teams from the Kinkaid School, Gulliver Prep from Florida, the Episcopal School from Houston and one other yet to be decided, hopes to draw nearly 3,000 people to the campus of the Kinkaid School.

Said Platt: “Our families, alumni and generous donors have blessed us with the best high school facilities in the land, and I feel it’s only appropriate to utilize those facilities to grow the sport of lacrosse in Houston and raise money for a worthy cause.”

Said Fairfield head coach Andy Copeland: “We are thrilled to be a part of the 'Beating Cancer with a Stick' Lacrosse Classic.  We're playing in a first-rate event against an outstanding program as part of the first-ever Division I lacrosse game in Houston.  I'd like to thank Jeremy Platt and the Kinkaid School for the opportunity."

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