September 25, 2013

Officials, USILA Reach Fall Agreement for Division I

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The COC and USILA reached a temporary agreement on Wednesday that will allow games to be staffed through November 1st, with hopes for a three-year agreement to be reached soon after.
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The Collegiate Officials Committee (COC) and United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (USILA) have reached a temporary agreement through Nov. 1, meaning Division I officials will work games, scrimmages, alumni games and intrasquad contests through the fall.

The deal is effective Wednesday and both sides will continue to work toward a new three-year contract. The previous contract expired on June 30 and a proposal for a new deal by the COC was rejected by the USILA on Sept. 16. Division I officials have not worked events since.

COC board members Kevin O'Leary and Tom Sutton and USILA president Tom Calder all confirmed the news on Wednesday after the COC held a conference call Tuesday night and Calder signed the agreement Wednesday morning. Syracuse coach John Desko also said he was notified that his teams would play with officials this Sunday at Cortland, N.Y., in an event with the Iroquois and Israel national teams.

"The fall is taken care of, now we have some more time to figure out the spring and the next three years," said Calder, also the Johns Hopkins athletic director. "We're going to start looking at right now what we're going to do in the future with our agreement."

The temporary deal applies only to D-I officials, and identifies what they will be paid to work through Nov. 1. The D-II and D-III contracts don't expire for another year.

Game fees and other administrative oversight still need to be worked out for the spring and the new deal, Calder said.

"There are many stipulations in the agreement with the COC," he said. "It's a very good piece of legislation because it covers just about everything, with checks and balances, from reviewing officials, to getting new officials in place, to observing officials, to assigning. There are some things in there that have not been done, and some things that are obsolete or not important anymore. The fees were just one part of it. We'll look at the fee increases that the COC has requested."

O'Leary and Sutton said the agreement in place for the fall is what the COC proposed to the USILA last Monday.

"We have had a long-standing partnership with the USILA," O'Leary and Sutton said via email. "The COC is committed to this relationship as we feel it is in the best interests of the institutions, coaches, players and officials to continue this partnership."

Lacrosse Magazine Online Manager Sean Burns contributed to this report.

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