February 23, 2016
Johns Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala. (John Strohsacker)
Johns Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala. (John Strohsacker)

'Time, Room, Bullseye Podcast' with Eamon McAnaney

by Eamon McAnaney | LaxMagazine.com | Twitter

The season is in full swing now and with that Lacrosse Magazine debuts a new weekly offering: the "Time, Room, Bullseye Podcast" with ESPN announcer Eamon McAnaney.

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Each Tuesday during the college season, McAnaney will share his thoughts on news, results and other happenings in the lacrosse world and interview a notable personality from the game, getting to know him or her both on the field and off.

Up this week: McAnaney's thoughts on why rankings can be for the birds, why North Carolina shouldn't be ranked at all, and a wide-ranging interview with Johns Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala ahead of the Blue Jays' tilt with the Tar Heels on Sunday.

Pietramala explains how he got his coaching start — a volunteer role at the Gilman School in Baltimore followed by a $3,000 part-time assistant job at Johns Hopkins during which he worked at an aluminum factory at the same time — and shares insight into his philosophies.

"I was never nervous as a player," Pietramala, who is considered to be arguably the greatest defenseman of all-time, tells McAnaney. "I am anxious and nervous as a coach all the time. Game day is almost like having the flu. My stomach is in turmoil. ... You want so badly for your young men and your team to perform to their capabilities."

Eamon McAnaney is the play-by-play voice of ESPN lacrosse and has contributed to LaxMagazine.com since 2014. He was a defenseman at Notre Dame and was captain of the Fighting Irish's 1991 team.

Check out ESPNU's coverage of UMBC-Ohio State at 5 p.m. Friday and North Carolina-Johns Hopkins at noon Sunday.

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