March 1, 2016
John Danowski opens up about the scandal of 10 years ago, and much more. (Cecil Copeland)
John Danowski opens up about the scandal of 10 years ago, and much more. (Cecil Copeland)

'Time, Room, Bullseye Podcast' with Eamon McAnaney

by Eamon McAnaney | | Twitter

This week's rundown:

* Thoughts on the polls (Open), and Eamon's Top 20 (See Below)

* Danowski on coming home and his favorite Long Island deli (2:40)

* The Duke scandal (4:30)

* Why Myles Jones is a great ambassador for the sport (9:30)

* Why did the final four streak end last year? (13:20)

* What's one thing lacrosse really needs? (15:50)

The second "Time, Room, Bullseye Podcast" of the college season features Duke and U.S. men's national team coach John Danowski, and the three-time NCAA champion coach shares his thoughts on the upcoming ESPN "30 for 30" documentary on the Duke lacrosse scandal of 10 years ago.

It airs next Sunday, March 13, at 9 p.m. ET.

"Any rational person will see that this was quite a hatchet job right from the very beginning," Danowski tells McAnaney in this week's podcast, adding that he hasn't seen an advance copy of the film, but has spoken with people who have.

Danowski, of course, was hired in July 2006 as Duke picked up the pieces of the alleged rape scandal that cancelled the Blue Devils' 2006 season, led to the forced resignation of coach Mike Pressler and white-hot national media attention on a set of circumstances that included storylines of race, class and sex.

The charges against three players, Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and Dave Evans, were eventually dropped. But that wasn't the case when Danowski was hired.

And stigmas and stereotypes have remained anyway.

"The lacrosse piece, that was easy," said Danowski, whose son and current Duke assistant coach Matt, was a member of the team. "But all the other things that were surrounding lacrosse ... It was all potentially really volatile, and it was going to be about how the guys responded. They all had blanket releases [to go somewhere else], if we remember."

Each Tuesday during the college season, McAnaney will share his thoughts on news, results and other happenings in the lacrosse world and interview a notable personality from the game, getting to know him or her both on the field and off.

My Top 20

1. Notre Dame
2. Denver
3. Loyola
4. Duke
5. Syracuse
6. Yale
7. Brown
8. Hofstra
9. Maryland
10. North Carolina
11. Towson
12. Johns Hopkins
13. Harvard
14. Albany
15. Villanova
16. Virginia
17. Marquette
18. Georgetown
19. Princeton
20. Stony Brook

Eamon McAnaney is the play-by-play voice of ESPN lacrosse and has contributed to since 2014. He was a defenseman at Notre Dame and was captain of the Fighting Irish's 1991 team. Check out more from Eamon here.

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