March 22, 2016
Kevin Corrigan will return for a 29th season as Notre Dame head coach. (Marc Piscotty)
Kevin Corrigan will return for a 29th season as Notre Dame head coach. (Marc Piscotty)

'Time, Room, Bullseye Podcast' with Eamon McAnaney

by Eamon McAnaney | | Twitter

This week's rundown:

* Hopkins wins one for Petro (Open)

* Never say die (1:50)

* Standards (3:05)

* 1988, Notre Dame (4:40)

* Putting Irish on lacrosse map (6:15)

* Breakthrough (7:35)

* Big East, ACC eras (11:00)

* The coaching craft (12:00)

* Trusting the plan (16:00)

* What's one thing lacrosse really needs? (18:45)

How does Notre Dame approach the season when the last two games have gone to overtime against tough opponents?

“It’s over when it’s over, and not before then," Fighting Irish coach Kevin Corrigan says.

ESPN's Eamon McAnaney catches up with his former coach in this week's edition of the "Time, Room, Bullseye Podcast."

They talk program building — for those under 30, Notre Dame was not the lacrosse program it is today when Corrigan took over in the late 1980s — plus coaching philosophy, early recruiting and more.


Corrigan on managing external preseason expecations as the No. 1 team in the country: "We constantly are telling our guys that we need to separate expecations from standards.

"We're not concerned with expectations. We're primarly and almost singularly-focused on standards. Those are our internal measurements of what we're doing and how we're doing it."

On early recruiting, and the news last week that an eighth-grader made a verbal committment to a Division I program: "You go, 'Wow, really?'

"I'm generally a free market guy ... but it doesn't seem to be working very effectively. I've had three eighth-graders in my house. I can tell you that they're not ready to make college selections that age."

On the lacrosse coaching craft: "The game is fluid and everything is constantly moving and changing from one second to the next.

"To me, you need simplify a game like that and give guys a basis on which to make their decisions. Games like that are decision-making games. It's not the teams that shoot the fastest or run the fastest. It's the team that makes the most good decisions that wins."

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My Top 20

1. Denver
2. Notre Dame
3. Yale
4. Brown
5. Syracuse
6. Maryland
7. Duke
8. Johns Hopkins
9. Towson
10. Albany
11. Villanova
12. North Carolina
13. Stony Brook
14. Loyola
15. Harvard
16. Hofstra
17. Army
18. Navy
19. UMass
20. Air Force

Eamon McAnaney is the play-by-play voice of ESPN lacrosse and has contributed to since 2014. He was a defenseman at Notre Dame and was captain of the Fighting Irish's 1991 team. Check out more from Eamon here.

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