March 29, 2016
Legendary coach Roy Simmons Jr. joins the TRB Podcast this week. (John Strohsacker)
Legendary coach Roy Simmons Jr. joins the TRB Podcast this week. (John Strohsacker)

'Time, Room, Bullseye Podcast' with Eamon McAnaney

by Eamon McAnaney | | Twitter

This week's rundown:

* Chaos continued (Open)

* 100 Years (2:00)

* Dome-field advantage (4:30)

* Expectations (7:30)

* 1983 title win (8:50)

* Air Gait (11:45)

* Johns Hopkins rivalry (14:30)

* Gary Gait or Jim Brown? (16:45)

* Growth of game (17:45)

* Beyond the game (20:30)


That's what the hundreds of players Roy Simmons Jr. coached call them. The sayings, the lessons, the beyond-the-game moments that they heard and experienced over time.

"They call it legendary when you are winning and nepotism when you are losing," Simmons Jr. tells Eamon McAnaney on the "Time, Room, Bullseye Podcast" this week in one such turn of phrase, referencing Simmons Jr. taking over the Syracuse program coached by his father for the previous 39 years before Simmons Jr. took over in 1971.

Simmons Jr. of course went on to be a Hall of Fame coach and became the first in his family to coach Syracuse to a national title. The program won six championships overall and made 16 straight final fours under his guidance.


This weekend the Orange lacrosse community will celebrate the success during the program's 100-year celebration in central New York, including a 5 p.m. Saturday game against Notre Dame at the Carrier Dome.

“Nobody will know as many people as I will," the now 80-year-old Simmons Jr. says of the weekend.

That and more in this week's TRB Podcast.

Who would Simmons take first for a pickup game? Gary Gait or Jim Brown?

His thoughts on the Air Gait: "It's OK to dare. It's OK to get knocked down as long as you get up. You have to take chances. ... I didn't think he would ever do that."

On the growth of the game: "I've been up in New England and I've been down in Baltimore walking the streets and seeing little kids go by with a shirt on that says Syracuse lacrosse. They have no idea where Syracuse is and they don't know who I am. I never thought I'd see it that way, where it was popular."

And one more Simmy-ism for good measure.

"We always say Bon Jovi beat us." Listen for the full story.

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My Top 20

1. Notre Dame
2. Denver
3. Yale
4. Brown
5. Maryland
6. Syracuse
7. Duke
8. Towson
9. Villanova
10. Johns Hopkins
11. Albany
12. Air Force
13. Loyola
14. Stony Brook
15. North Carolina
16. Army
17. Navy
18. UMass
19. Penn State
20. Boston University

Eamon McAnaney is the play-by-play voice of ESPN lacrosse and has contributed to since 2014. He was a defenseman at Notre Dame and was captain of the Fighting Irish's 1991 team. Check out more from Eamon here.

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