May 8, 2011

Coyne's Division III Projected Brackets

by Jac Coyne | | Coyne Archive | Twitter

There are a lot of variables in the men's Division III tournament, especially in Pool C, but one thing we know is Jordan MacIntosh and RIT will be the top team in the 'North' bracket.
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All the teams are in the barn and the automatic qualifiers have been handed out. The only thing that is left is the official unveiling of the NCAA Division III men's brackets by the committee, which is scheduled for 10 p.m. EDT in a webcast.

To fill the time between then and now, I've whipped together my projected brackets for this year's tourney, which has become an annual attempt. Everything is pretty cut-and-dried with the exception of the last couple of Pool C bids. This is where the surprises pop up every year, so it's nothing new, but there will be a couple of teams with a solid claim to making the tournament who won't get in.

I'm a little bit leery of my projections at the point if only because almost all of them fit geographically (with the exception of Colorado College, which we knew was going to require a flight). I only had to make one slight seeding adjustment with two teams near the bottom of the 'South' half of the bracket. But that was it. The rest of the seeds just happened to work out.

Here are Wednesday's projected games:

Keene State (14-2) at Endicott (15-4)
Colorado College (15-0) at Stevens (15-2)
Castleton (12-6) at Middlebury (12-4)
Montclair State (10-6) at Amherst (13-2)
Union (12-4) at Springfield (11-5)
Ohio Wesleyan (10-3) at Wittenberg (13-1)
Widener (15-2) at Haverford (11-4)
Scranton (9-7) at Roanoke (14-3)
Adrian (14-2) at Gettysburg (11-6)
Cabrini (12-5) at Denison (10-3)

Here are Saturday's projected games:

Keene State/Endicott winner at Tufts (15-2)
Colorado College/Stevens winner at Cortland (15-2)
Castleton/Middlebury winner vs. Montclair State/Amherst winner
Union/Springfield winner at RIT (17-0)
Ohio Wesleyan/Wittenberg winner at Salisbury (17-1)
Widener/Haverford winner at Dickinson (16-1)
Scranton/Roanoke winner vs. Adrian/Gettysburg winner
Cabrini/Denison winner at Stevenson (17-2)

Check back at for the official release of the entrants, as well as my bracket breakdown.

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