September 19, 2011

Wallace Named Interim at Eastern

from press release

- Eastern University Director of Athletics Brad Fields today announced that Kevin Wallace will assume leadership of the Men's Lacrosse Program on an interim basis for the 2011-12 school year. Wallace, who served as Eastern's defensive coordinator for 2011, has been managing the program since the departure of Brandon Childs in August.

Fields expressed optimism about the direction of the program and Wallace's ability to keep things moving forward.

"We are excited to have Kevin Wallace step in and serve as our Head Men's Lacrosse Coach and Coordinator of Athletic Recruiting," he said. " Kevin has been a part of our Eastern Athletics family for the past year as an assistant coach and was a key part of one of the program's most successful campaigns in school history."

The interim tag gives Wallace a chance to show his leadership ability, while giving the Eastern program stability in the transition period.

"Due to the timing of the transition," Fields continued, "we decided that after a brief search for a permanent head coach, it was best to opt for stability and immediate leadership for our young men and postpone a more extensive search until the spring."

In addition to his leadership role in the Lacrosse program, Wallace will serve the department as the Coordinator of Athletic Recruiting.

Wallace, a 2008 graduate of Ursinus College, came to Eastern after a successful stint as a high school and club coach in Anaheim, Calif.

He assumes the leadership of a 10-6 program that lost only one senior to graduation. Wallace and the Eagles will look to improve on last year's quarterfinal finish as the MAC splits in half this spring.

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