April 3, 2013

Tufts Men Lend Time to Two Local Charities

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MEDFORD, Mass. - The Tufts University men's lacrosse team has volunteered their efforts to two important charities during their 2013 season. The Jumbos spent a day working at Cradles to Crayons during spring break, and is also showing its support to the Carry The Load Foundation.

After arriving home on March 20 from their game at Stevenson in Baltimore, the team was back on a bus at 9:30 am on March 21 to spend the day at Cradles to Crayons in Brighton, MA. This was the fifth straight year that the Jumbos spent a day supporting this important cause.

While at the facility, one group of Jumbos sorted, folded, and inventoried a large clothing donation. Another group sorted, cleaned, and packaged toys. Other Jumbos cleaned and sorted shoes for distribution. Another group designed and wrote notes of inspiration to go inside kids' backpacks.

"We greatly appreciate the support of the Tufts men's lacrosse team, whose efforts continue to make a difference in our outreach to needy children across Massachusetts," said Lynn Margherio, CEO/Founder of Cradles to Crayons (C2C). "They are wonderful volunteers who continue to bring tremendous energy and hope to our organization."

Free of charge, Cradles to Crayons provides low-income and homeless children the basic essentials they need to be safe, warm, ready to learn, and valued. According to the Cradles to Crayons website, almost 300,000 Massachusetts children up to age 13 live in poor or low-income households. The organization also sets a foundation for lasting change through the meaningful, tangible volunteer opportunities provided to thousands of youth and adults each year.

The Tufts men's lacrosse family is committed to the success of this organization. The team was put in touch with C2C by Tufts alums Dan and Wendy Kraft, who are also very involved and active as volunteers at C2C.

"I was genuinely impressed with the effort of our team," Coach Mike Daly said. "They were tired and sore, but they did a great job bringing positive attitudes and enthusiasticly making the most of our time at C2C. Our only regret is we don't and didn't do more.

"We are so lucky and it is a privilege to do what we do," Daly continued. "It feels great to give back and it is a privilege to support this organization and provide such a needed service. We look forward to continuing our volunteer work at C2C next year."

Please visit the Cradles to Crayons website: http://cradlestocrayons.org/.

The Tufts men's lacrosse team also recently announced its support for the Carry The Load Foundation and its 2013 cross-country walk from New York to Texas to honor U.S. veterans and service members.

Carry The Load was founded in 2011 by a former Navy seal who was seeking a way to honor fallen comrades and help America come together on Memorial Day. Since then it has organized local and cross-country walks to honor service members and their families in which participants carry backpacks and other items with names of the heroes they wish to remember – therefore "carrying the load" of people who have served America. Its donations support local community-service organizations that assist veterans, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and their families.

"Our team was inspired by the veterans who led our annual Judgment Day training exercise and decided to follow their example by sponsoring the Philadelphia leg of this year's Carry The Load relay from New York to Texas," Daly said. "We are encouraging the Tufts community to contribute to Carry The Load by pledging its financial support and also participating in this year's relay.

"In addition, our team now brings our 'American Hero' backpack to all of our games to remember the names of people our team wishes to honor by 'carrying their load' throughout our schedule," Daly said. "We are deeply humbled by the work of this wonderful organization and have dedicated ourselves to winning our last game in their name – and honoring the families, alumni, friends, and players we love and respect."

Please visit the Carry The Load website: www.carrytheload.org.

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