May 3, 2011

MCLA D-II Prodigy Poll: Here's the Johnnies

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Who's Hot?

Washington U. (+5): The Bears skyrocket after stunning presumptive GRLC front-runner Missouri Baptist over the weekend. With the elimination of Missouri State from the picture (WashU's win kept Mo. State from qualifying for the GRLC tourney), the Bears could find themselves in Denver.
St. John's (+4):
 Not only did the Johnnies avenge their earlier loss to North Dakota State in Fargo, but they went one step further, stunning UMLL bully and two-time defending champion St. Thomas. Not surprisingly, they felt the polling love.

Who's Not?

North Dakota State (-4): Two weeks after upsetting St. John's, the Johnnies exacted revenge, dropping the Bison down. NDSU is still in the Top 10, however.
Missouri State (-3): Washington U's surprising upset of Missouri Baptist took away the Bears' chance to return to Denver. As such, they took a tumble in the poll.

Who's New?

Northern Colorado: The Bears return to the poll after taking a week off. UNC is one of the top seeds in the RMLC tourney and earned a bye in the first round.

RECEIVING VOTES: Walsh (12), Tennessee Wesleyan (12), Colorado Mines (4), Ferris State (4), UC San Diego (4), Western Washington (2), Grove City (2), Wheaton (1), Aquinas (1).

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