May 7, 2013

Colorado State, St. Thomas Grab Top MCLA Seeds

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GREENVILLE, S.C. - The two teams who raised the trophy last spring in the MCLA will be the top seeds in the 2013 event, which will be hosted in Greenville, S.C., from May 13-18.

MCLA Division I First Round Match-ups

No. 16 Purdue vs. No. 1 Colorado State
No. 15 Texas vs. No. 2 Colorado
No. 14 Georgia vs. No. 3 Arizona State
No. 13 Grand Canyon vs. No. 4 Brigham Young
No. 12 Oregon vs. No. 5 Chapman
No. 11 Oregon State vs. No. 6 UC Santa Barbara
No. 10 Michigan State vs. No. 7 Stanford
No. 9 Sonoma State vs. No. 8 Boston College

MCLA Division II First Round Match-ups

No. 16 DePaul vs. No. 1 St. Thomas
No. 15 Briarcliffe vs. No. 2 Westminster
No. 14 Western Oregon vs. No. 3 St. John's
No. 13 North Dakota State vs. No. 4 Liberty
No. 12 Grove City vs. No. 5 Concordia
No. 11 SCAD vs. No. 6 Grand Valley State
No. 10 Indiana Tech vs. No. 7 Palm Beach Atlantic
No. 9 Coast Guard vs. No. 8 Sam Houston State

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