March 30, 2011

LM Podcast with Sheehan Stanwick Burch: No NCAA Champs on TV? Janine Tucker Talks

"It's a shame, a crime actually," Hopkins head coach Janine Tucker says of the Turner Sports-NCAA contract that has resulted in the women's lacrosse championship not being televised.

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CBS College Sports analyst and former four-time Georgetown All-American Sheehan Stanwick Burch has joined the Lacrosse Magazine team for what is already shaping up to be an exciting college women's lacrosse season. In addition to weekly columns, Sheehan will join Matt DaSilva in an audio podcast each Wednesday taking on the big news in women's lacrosse, with newsmakers chiming in as guests on the show.

This week's featured guest: Janine Tucker, head coach of the Johns Hopkins women's lacrosse team, which is back in the national conversation after its upset win over Penn. Plus, Tucker gives her take on the IWLCA petition of the NCAA to get the Division I title game back on TV. (Segment 7-2)

In other segments: Sheehan and Matt tackle the TV question (7-1); plus breakdowns and predictions on games to watch, including a split decision on Penn State at Florida.

Check back to each Wednesday for more analysis from Sheehan, and don't forget to subscribe to the Lacrosse Magazine Podcast on iTunes.

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