May 12, 2011

LM with Sheehan: NCAA Tournament Edition

Welcome to the NCAA tournament edition of the Lacrosse Magazine Podcast with Sheehan Stanwick Burch.

Podcast Contents

W-1: It's Time to Expand the Field: The selection committee did its job right. But even so, it's time to expand the field, Sheehan says.

W-2: Kerstin Kimel, Duke: The Blue Devils' coach talks about what it was like when she was on the selection committee and a first-round draw against Penn.

W-3: Intrigue in Chapel Hill, Gainesville: Curious matchups on the bottom half of the bracket include some difficult draws for No. 3 seed UNC and No. 4 seed Florida.

W-4: Bowen Holden, Boston College: BC's coach talks about the school's first-ever NCAA tournament appearance, playing Northwestern and the six degrees of Kevin Bacon separating the teams.

Selection Sunday has come and gone, with the intrigue being not so much about who was selected -- although Sheehan proposes expansion -- but rather in some of the first-round pairings.

Listen to our breakdown of the bracket, as well as interviews with Duke head coach Kerstin Kimel and Boston College head coach Bowen Holden.

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