April 1, 2014

Penn Women's Players Accused of 'Deplorable Behavior'

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Members of Penn's women's lacrosse team have been accused of "absolutely deplorable behavior" at a local bar during an event Saturday evening, according to a report by the Daily Pennsylvanian.

Casey Neff, the general manager of Fado Irish Pub in Philadelphia's Center City neighborhood, emailed the Penn athletic department, coach Karin Brower Corbett and the Daily Pennsylvanian, among others, about the alleged misbehavior, which occured at a women's lacrosse team-hosted event on Saturday night.

As of Tuesday afternoon, members of the team were not under any official sanction as they traveled to Maryland to take on Georgetown Tuesday night in Bethesda. 

"We have been made aware of the allegations by Fado, and we are deeply concerned about them," Penn Athletic Communications Director Mike Mahoney said in a statement issued in response to the email. "Our coaches and senior staff are meeting with the members of the women's lacrosse team, and we will continue to thoroughly investigate the allegations around this event. If the description of incidents around this event is accurate and found to involve our team and their guests, this was deplorable behavior that will not be tolerated."

According to Neff, the guests of the party broke light fixtures, attempted to steal alcohol from behind the bar, tipped poorly, smoked marijuana in the bathroom and "exposed a young woman's genitals 'to the adulation of the party.'" Neff's accusations were not directed against any particular individuals, so it is unknown if the alleged conduct was by members of the team or other guests at the party.

No police report has been filed, but the bar is asking that the university help compensate the bar for the damage.

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