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February 19, 2011

Santa Barbara Shootout Notes/Photos

from staff reports

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- Heavy rain and winds in Southern California this week put a snag in the 23rd annual Santa Barbara Shootout, forcing games to be played at split sites 100 miles apart, but the games have gone on at the signature, early-season WCLA (formerly WDIA) event.

Lacrosse Magazine photographer was onsite Saturday in Santa Barbara, the tournament's central location, with games also transpiring on Cal Poly's campus in San Luis Obispo. Scores as reported to appear below notes and photos by Dewachter.

UC Davis Club 17, Michigan 7

Michigan coach Jen Dunbar said afterward that the UC Davis offense has the fastest front-line attack she has seen in the WCLA. Beside their speed, the Aggies are quick on the uptake on ground balls, and won the majority of them. Dunbar said UC Davis is the best club team she's ever seen.

The Aggies' transitions were flawless, their passes were accurate, their attack caught the passes and, given their speed, Michigan had no answer.

Santa Clara 10, Colorado State 5

Former Santa Clara coach Brendan O'Brien was on hand to support the Broncos and their new head coach, Jen Lee. Although no longer coaching the team, O'Brien continues to help the squad. Lee said she had no idea how much work O'Brien put into Santa Clara until she took the reins.

On the field, Maggie Burke and Gracie Binder seamlessly took over where Krista Shaw left off for the Broncos, and they have a new contributor in Brianne Jones, a freshman who was impressive. Goalie Renee Eligio bought time for the Santa Clare offense against Colorado State, the defending WCLA national champion, as she had several saves that allowed the Broncos' to keep the edge.

Santa Clara will play UC Davis at the end of the regular season, and that should be a great game. Santa Clara's game is methodical, but the Broncos do not have the speed that UC Davis has.

Florida 11, UCSB 7

The rain started pouring, but that did not stop Florida. Katie O'Linn, Nicole White and Jenna Hilderbrand were on fire. Florida was the more dominant team, but the score looks a lot closer.



Saturday Scores (as reported to

BYU 10, Texas 7
Cal Poly 10, BYU 5
Chico State 1, Pepperdine 0
Colorado 7, Pittsburgh 3
Florida Club 11, UCSB 7
Florida Club 12, UCLA 6
Lindenwood 7, Cal Poly 3
Northeastern 8, Arizona 3
Oregon Club 15, Texas A&M 5
Pittsburgh 14, Arizona State 3
San Diego State Club 11, Northeastern 8
Santa Clara 10, Colorado State 5
UC Davis Club 17, Michigan 7
UC Santa Cruz vs. Chico State (ppd.)
USC Club 10, Sonoma State 6
USC Club 11, Utah 7

Friday Scores (as reported to

BYU 8, Pittsburgh 5
Colorado 13, Oregon Club 4
Colorado 7, Florida Club 6
Colorado State 8, Michigan 7
Florida Club 9, BYU 8 (OT)
Lindenwood 6, Santa Clara 5
Miami (OH) 15, Wyoming 0
Oregon Club 8, USC Club 7
Pittsburgh 8, UCSB 7 (OT)
UCSB 13, Michigan 8
UCLA 8, Colorado State 7


UC Davis' offensive speed was no match for Michigan, who were dispatched 17-7.

© Dirk Dewachter

Santa Clara may have lost Krista Shaw but found freshman Brianne Jones, who along with Maggie Burke and Gracie Binder had no problem defeating Colorado State.

© Dirk Dewachter

Santa Clara may have lost Krista Shaw but found freshman Brianne Jones, who along with Maggie Burke and Gracie Binder had no problem defeating Colorado State.

© Dirk Dewachter

Maggie Burke drove Santa Clara's offense to a win over Colorado State in a fast-paced game.

© Dirk Dewachter

Rain or no rain, Florida proved to be too much to handle for host UCSB.  Florida later handed UCLA the same faith, a loss.

© Dirk Dewachter

Florida's Jenna Hilderbrand created lots of problems for the UCSB midfield and defense.

© Dirk Dewachter

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