July 6, 2013

Elite Play Entering Final Phase at Vail Shootout

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Men’s Elite semi-finals take place Saturday on Ford Field at 11:00am and 1:00pm.
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It was day two of the Men's and Women's Elite and Men's Masters division at the 41st annual Vail Lacrosse Shootout. The Women's Elite division started bracket play and will enter into the quarterfinals and semifinals tomorrow. The Men's Elite completed the quarterfinals, and the Men's Masters completed the semifinals. Tomorrow, Jagermeister/Force 5 and Hulu will compete in the Master's championship.

Results for Friday 7/5

Men's Elite

Championship Bracket Quarterfinals - Ford Field

9:00am - Big Green Herd 11, Denver City Lax / StyLax 5

Big Green Herd jumped out to an early 3-1 Lead and City Lax never managed to really get going. City Lax suffered from poor shooting accuracy and a few too many turnovers. The Herd played a very unselfish brand of lacrosse with eight different goal scorers.

11:00am - Brine Elite 16, Millennium Lacrosse 15

It was a nail biter from start to finish. Brine Elite's Ryan Danehy scored a 2-point goal with four minutes left to steal the game for Brine. Bailey Tills was a bright spot for Millennium with five goals.

1:00pm - Lacrossewear 16, Adrenaline Tropics 8

A close and hard fought game until the second half, Lacrossewear only allowed one second half goal en route to the win. Lacrossewear's faceoff man Kevin Massa went 21-25, giving Lacrossewear the majority of possessions. A 2-point goal from Ryan Tucker solidified the 2nd half rally from Lacrossewear. Kieran McArdle led the scoring with three goals and one assist.

3:00pm - All Out 15, Rocky Mountain Oysters 12

The teams battled hard in this close game. The Oysters took a 9-8 lead into half time, but All Out locked down its defense in the third quarter not allowing a goal. All Out won 20 of 30 faceoffs and cleared with great efficiency converting on all but six attempts on the day.

Consolation Bracket Quarterfinals - Edwards Turf

9:00am - FCA 18, Warrior X 3

11:00am - LOFers 16, Team TAMA 10

Team TAMA was up 10-9 going into the fourth quarter, but the LOFers ran off with game and scored seven goals to TAMA's zero in the final frame. LOFers went six for six on faceoffs and outshot TAMA 16 to 3 in the last period.

1:00pm - Jammin' Salmon 14, True Lacrosse 13

In this very intense game, the score was close throughout. With two seconds left in the game, Bobby Dewees scored the winning goal for Jammin' Salmon.

3:00pm - Southern Combat 10, Crease Beavers 5

Other Games - Edwards 4

11:00am - Edwards 4 (South Grass) - Minnesota Chill 16, Colorado Mavs 11

Both the Colorado Mavs and the Minnesota Chill showed up for a competitive battle, but the Chill's offensive domination made the difference, with 61 shots to the Mav's 29.

1:00pm - Edwards 4 (South Grass) - Team Gutman 17, Prestige Lacrosse 5

Women's Elite

Run Around Sue defeated No. 1 Stunner of the Month, 14-3 to advance to Saturday's quarterfinals at Freedom Park in Edwards.
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Championship Bracket
Athletic Field
9:00am – Harrow Honeybadgers 16, CWLA 3
10:15am – Gang Green 11, The Laxatives 2
11:30am – Team Wild 12, The Laxatives 6

Team Wild jumped on Laxatives with 5-0 start in the first ten minutes. But Laxatives came back strong and had come within one going into the half. Laxatives came out of the halftime and quickly tied the game at 5-5. Team Wild calmly regrouped, put their foot on the gas and distanced themselves from Laxatives during the remainder of the second half.

12:45pm – Colorado Lacrosse Club 15, CWLA 6

Edwards 2
9:00am – Team STX 17, Pappy's 2

Team STX quickly ran away with this game. STX put on a great display, stringing together difficult passes and executing several trick shots.

10:15am – CRSLAX.com 18, #1 Stunner of the Month 2
11:30am – Lofers 14, Pappy's 5
12:45pm – Run Around Sue 14, #1 Stunner of the Month 3

Ten saves from goalie Annie Banfich and the hat trick from Whitney Thayer of Stunners was not enough against Run Around Sue. Rachel Hawes and Allison Welsh led Sue with four and three goals respectively.

Master's Division

Vail Mountain School
12:30pm - Jagermeister/Force 5 17, Power-Tek 10

Jager dominated from the start. Power-Tek made it interesting in the third but Jager never relinquished the lead and ran away with the game in the fourth quarter.

2:30pm - Hulu 14, Team Adrenaline 13

Adrenaline mounted a furious comeback attempt after falling behind early but couldn't climb all the way back eventually losing by a goal. John Galvin scored five goals for Hulu and Brian Langtry scored four goals and had one assist for Adrenaline.


8:30am - Silver Oysters 4, Middlebury 3

It was a close game until the bitter end when Collin Knowles from the Oysters scored the game winner with 0:29 left.

10:30am - Olympic Club 17, Buddha's Ballers 4

Buddha's started with the lead but it was short lived, Olympic Club ended the first quarter up 6-2 and never looked back.

Schedule for Saturday 7/6

Men's Elite

Championship Bracket
Semifinals – Ford Field
11:00am - Brine Elite vs. All Out
1:00pm - Lacrossewear vs. Big Green Herd

5TH Place Bracket – Ford Field
9:00am - Denver City Lax / StyLax vs. Adrenaline Tropics
3:00pm - Millennium Lacrosse Rocky Mountain Oysters

Consolation Bracket

Semifinals – Edwards Turf
1:00pm – FCA True Lacrosse vs. Jammin' Salmon
3:00pm – LOFers vs. Southern Combat

13TH Place Bracket
11:00am - Edwards Turf – Crease Beavers vs. Team TAMA
10:00am ­- Edwards 4 – Warrior X vs. True Lacrosse

Other Games – Edwards 4
12:00am – Colorado Mavs vs. Prestige Lacrosse
2:00pm - Minnesota Chill vs. Team Gutman

Women's Elite

9:00am – Athletic – Team Wild vs. Harrow Honeybadgers
9:00am – Edwards 2 – Run Around Sue vs. Team STX
10:15am – Athletic – LOFers vs. CRSLAX.com
10:15am – Edwards 2 – Colorado Lacrosse Club vs. Gang Green

2:00pm – Athletic - (winner of Team Wild / Harrow Honeybadgers) vs. (winner of LOFers / CRSLAX.com)
2:00pm – Edwards 2 - (Run Around Sue / Team STX) vs. (winner of Colorado Lacrosse Club / Gang Green)

5th Place Bracket
11:30am – Athletic – (loser of Team Wild / Harrow Honeybadgers) vs. (loser of LOFers / CRSLAX.com)
11:30am – Edwards 2 – (loser of Run Around Sue / Team STX) vs. (loser of Colorado Lacrosse Club / Gang Green)

12:45pm – Athletic – The Laxatives vs. Pappy's
12:45pm – Edwards 2 – CWLA vs. #1 Stunner of the Month

Master's Division

12:30pm – Vail Mountain School - Hulu vs. Jagermeister/Force 5

3rd Place

8:30am - Vail Mountain School – Adrenaline vs. Power-Tek

Consolation Championship

10:30am - Vail Mountain School – Olympic Club vs. Silver Oysters

7th Place

10:30am – Donovan – Middlebury vs. Buddha's Ballers

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