September 4, 2008

Sept. 4, 2008


Tired of tearing? Lacrosse Magazine Online has your fix.

The "Lacrosse Classroom," considered one of the most popular monthly features of
Lacrosse Magazine, offers instructional tips for men's and women's lacrosse players and coaches. For your convenience, we've stockpiled them here on LMO.

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September 2008

Ain't No Thing
Zac Jungers' 'chicken wing': the last legal hold?

Split to Roll, Finish Off Hip
Outlaws attackman Brendan Mundorf makes moves from 'X'

Ride 'Em Cowboy (PDF)
Two easy-to-install rides for your team

August 2008

Drawing on the Wall
Wall-ball variation develops draw-to-self ability

Stuck in the Middle with You (PDF)
Janine Tucker's drill calls for grace under pressure

July 2008

Clearing: End Line Restart (PDF)
Take advantage of quick whistle; sub wisely

June 2008

A Dodge Best Served 'Hot'
Sonia Judd and Hilary Fratzke split to one hand for maximum extension

Clear Conscience
A goalie's guide for clearing and outlets

10-Man Ride (PDF)
When desperate times call for desperate measures

May 2008

Pivot, Protect Under Pressure
How a good game of keep-away can keep you out of the doghouse

A full-field drill by Rollins College women's coach Dennis Short

April 2008

Heel-to-Toe Relationship
React, retract and reset on low shots by minding your footwork

Full Field Clearing (PDF)
Overload one side to beat a zone ride, athletic opponent

March 2008

Time and Room Shooting
Joe Walters demonstrates how to make the most of an open rip

Double Down
The good, the bad and the ugly of double-team defense

52 "House" Offense (PDF)
Courtesy of Dennis Short, Rollins College women's lacrosse coach

February 2008

Tommy Twist
Around the world and between the legs with Tom Marechek

Think Outside the Box
How cross-training as a boxer can elevate your lacrosse game

Ten-Man Clear (PDF)
Beat the pressure of a 10-man ride

January 2008

Four Pillars of Great Defense
Win one-on-one battles with good positioning, sound fundamentals

Weak Side, Strong Hand
Team USA's Shannon Smith turns weakness into strength

Man-Down Movements (PDF)
Box-and-one from behind the goal

December 2007

Drop Dimes from Deuces
Feeling the 2-2-2 blues? Get a wingman and feed

Shake and Bake
Key, Berger, Carney toe the line and leave defenders in the dust

Full Field Possession Drill (PDF)
Simulate transition under pressure

November 2007

Buggs Prey
Buggs Combs on how to be stealthy off-ball and finish strong

Defense Mechanism
Team USA stars put the 'D' in details

Scramble Drill (PDF)
Courtesy of Lycoming College men's lacrosse coach Brian Anken

October 2007

Carney's Killer Combo
Team USA vet uses backhand shot, bait dodge to outwit opponents

Feed Bag
Wreak havoc, create offense as QB behind the cage

Feed Bag: Drills (PDF)
Courtesy of the US Lacrosse Coaches Education Program

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