November 3, 2011

Lacrosse Magazine Wants Your Spring, Summer Camp Listing

by Brad Tarr |

If you're a camp director looking to fill your fields this spring and summer, Lacrosse Magazine can help.

Take a few minutes to manually upload your pertinent camp info into our system (download the camp kit to find out how), so that we can incorporate it into our March 2012 issue. If that's not enough exposure, consider running an ad in an upcoming issue (or two) of the magazine.

Lacrosse Magazine is the ultimate resource when it comes to reaching consumers and players within the sport, and we'd be happy to put something together that meets your wants, needs, and budget. Contact our Advertising Sales Manager today, by calling 410-235-6882 x193, or via e-mail at

Click here for the Lacrosse Magazine Camp Kit and directions on how to upload your camp info into our system. Click "View in Full Screen" on the next screen if the file does not immediately appear.

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