High School Boys

US Lacrosse U-15 Boys' National Championship

Final Results

US Lacrosse Youth Council Team Sportsmanship Award
(based on opposing coach and officials voting after each game)
Greene Turtle (Md.)

Championship Bracket

Team W L T Final Game
1. FCA (Md.)
Beat FLG 10-9 in final 
2. For Love of the Game (N.Y.)  5 1 Lost to FCA 10-9 in final 
3. Next Level Lacrosse (Md.)  Beat NESLL 8-5 in 3rd place game 
4. NESLL (Mass.)  4 Lost to Next Level 8-5in 3rd place game 
5t. Blackwolf Select (Va.)  Lost to FLG 15-5 in quarterfinals 
5t. Greene Turtle (Md.)  Lost to Next Level 9-5 in quarterfinals  
5t. NVYLL (Va.)  Lost to NESLL 8-4 in quarterfinals 
5t. Primetime Lacrosse (N.Y.)
Lost to FCA 13-4 in quarterfinals 
9t. Ithaca (N.Y.) Beat Colorado Raiders 11-4 in cons. play 
9t. Long Island Express (N.Y.)  Beat Jersey Ridgers 11-10 in cons. play 
11t. Colorado Raiders (Colo.) Lost to Ithaca 11-4 in cons. play 
11t. Jersey Ridgers (N.J.) Lost to LI Express 11-10 in cons. play 
13t. BattleLax Bombers (N.C.)  2 Lost to Colorado Raiders 6-5 in cons. play 
13t. Penn Star (Pa.)  Lost to LI Express 9-6 in cons. play 
13t. Twist Lacrosse (Pa.)  Lost to Ithaca 13-3 in cons. play 
13t. Washington (Wash.)  Lost to Jersey Ridgers in cons. play 
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