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January 4, 2012

Iroquois U19 Player, Cornell Recruit Dies

by Corey McLaughlin | LaxMagazine.com | Twitter

Kanatiio "Tiio" Adams, a Salisbury School (Conn.) senior, member of the Iroquois U19 team and a Cornell recruit passed away Monday at his home in Akwesasne. He was 18.

Adams, whose brother Myan is a junior defenseman at Cornell, played long stick midfield and had recently received a full scholarship to attend the school and play for the Big Red with his brother.

No details are available about a cause of death. Kanatiio Adams is survived by his mother and father, his four brothers, grandparents, godparents and several aunts, uncles and cousins.

Adams attended Salmon River Central School, before entering Salisbury School where he was a senior. Akwesasne is a Mohawk Nation territory that straddles the borders of the United States and Canada and Ontario and Quebec, and borders the Saint Lawrence River.

Arrangement details are available here through Donaldson Funeral Home in Massena, N.Y. Among those to leave condolances via the home's website is former Salisbury player and All-World defenseman Brodie Merrill.

"I have kept a close eye on Kanatiio these past few years," Merrill wrote. "Having gone to Salisbury myself and played the same position as Kanatiio, I felt a connection. It was clear to me that he was one of the best young players in the game, with a such bright future ahead of him. Off the field, I remember him as a gentlemen. Quiet, polite, respectful, and very kind."

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