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June 5, 2014

USL High School Boys' Group 1 All-Americans Selected

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California's La Costa Canyon was among the many school's to have award winners as Group 1 announced its All-Americans, Academic All-Americans, Coaches of the Year and Bob Scott Award winners. (Kevin P. Tucker)

BALTIMORE, June 4, 2014 — US Lacrosse has announced the first of two groups of high school boys' lacrosse players to be named as US Lacrosse High School All-Americans and All-Academic Team members, as well as winners of the Coach of the Year, Assistant Coach of the Year, Man of the Year and the Bob Scott Award. Over 200 players and 30 coaches in this group were recognized for their efforts on and off the field.

A total of 117 players were named as All-Americans, with an additional 52 players selected as All-Academic honorees and 10 players selected as winners of the Bob Scott Award. That award recognizes a player from each area who goes 'above and beyond' in service to his team, school, and community.

The players and coaches comprising Group 1 represent the states of Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina and Texas.

US Lacrosse uses a calendar-based recognition process to accommodate for the different timeframes of high school lacrosse seasons across the country. The second boys' group winners will be announced in July.

The US Lacrosse Men's Game All-American Awards and Recognition process is maintained by the Men's Game Coaches Subcommittee and administered locally by the High School Area Chairmen. The subcommittee, through these area chairmen, oversees the selection of the awards.

A US Lacrosse All-American is a player who exhibits superior skills and techniques and possesses exceptional game sense and knowledge. A US Lacrosse All-American is one of the best players in the United States, while also embodying excellent sportsmanship.

A US Lacrosse All-Academic honoree is a player who exhibits exemplary lacrosse skills, good sportsmanship on the field, and represents high standards of academic achievement in the classroom.

Group 1 All-Americans

Area  Player Name Graduation Year Position High School
Alabama-Mississippi G. Anthony Faraino Jr 2014 Midfield Vestavia Hills 
Alabama-Mississippi Trent Harper 2015 Midfield Spain Park 
Alabama-Mississippi David K. Arnold 2014 Attack Hoover 
Arizona Garrett Howell 2014 Attack Corona del Sol
Arizona Bradley Nordstrom 2014 Goalie Brophy College Prep
Arizona Anthony Abbadessa 2014 Attack Desert Vista
Arizona Lance Pavlina 2014 Defense Desert Vista
Arizona Cade van Raaphorst 2015 Defense Desert Vista
Calif-Sacramento Valley Ben Parietti 2014 Midfield Jesuit
Calif-Sacramento Valley Jack Houseworth 2014 Midfield/Attack Bella Vista
Calif-Sacramento Valley Harley Whitham 2014 Goalie Elk Grove
Calif-Sacramento Valley Will Stabbert 2015 Defense Granite Bay
California-Greater LA Harrison Fletcher 2014 Midfield Redondo Union 
California-Greater LA Stanton Gilbertson 2015 Midfield Palos Verde 
California-Greater LA David McCann 2015 Goalie Palos Verde 
California-Greater LA Noah Pompan 2014 Midfield Harvard Westlake
California-Greater LA Colton Mitchel 2015 Attack Peninsula 
California-Orange County Warren Case 2014 Midfield Foothill 
California-Orange County Nate Marano 2015 Attack Foothill 
California-Orange County Mitch Kingsley 2014 Attack J Serra Catholic 
California-Orange County Tucker Guyot 2014 Defense J Serra Catholic 
California-Orange County Hayden Ruiz 2014 Midfield Santa Margarita Catholic 
California-Orange County Hugh Crance 2015 Defense Corona Del Mar 
California-Orange County Peyton Garrett 2014 Midfield San Clemente 
California-San Diego Cameron Zielger 2014 Attack La Costa Canyon 
California-San Diego Michael Kay 2014 Midfield Cathedral Catholic 
California-San Diego Jake Seau 2014 Midfield Bishops
California-San Diego Jake O'Donnell 2014 Attack Poway
California-San Diego Trent Schulte 2014 Long Stick Midfield Coronado
California-San Diego Owen Weselak 2014 Midfield Torrey Pines 
California-San Diego Spencer Beyer 2014 Midfield Carlsbad
California-San Diego Parker Lawlor 2014 Midfield  Pacific Ridge
California-San Francisco Robbie Stern 2014 Attack Acalanes
California-San Francisco Joe Rodrigues 2014 Attack Bellarmine College Prep
California-San Francisco Joe Reid 2014 Midfield Casa Grande
California-San Francisco Doug Strazza 2014 Long Stick Midfield De La Salle
California-San Francisco Colin Rutan 2015 Attack Las Lomas
California-San Francisco Sam Tomei 2014 Goalie Las Lomas
California-San Francisco Dexter Eichorst 2014 Midfield Marin Academy
California-San Francisco Matt Peter 2014 Defense Monte Vista
California-San Francisco Patrick Tracy 2014 Attack Redwood
California-San Francisco Liam Bourke 2014 Long Stick Midfield Redwood
California-San Francisco Matt Kennis 2014 Defense Redwood 
California-San Francisco Sean Mayle 2014 Midfield Sacred Heart College Prep
California-San Francisco Peter Tagliaferri 2014 Midfield San Ramon Valley
California-San Francisco Aran Roberts 2014 Defense San Ramon Valley
California-San Francisco Joe Lang 2014 Attack St. Ignatius
California-San Francisco Cyrus Scott 2014 Goalie St. Ignatius
California-Ventura County  Jonah Swigart  2015 Defense  Agoura 
California-Ventura County  Michael Marinelli  2015 Goalie  Newbury Park 
California-Ventura County  Chuck Smith  2014 Defense  Newbury Park 
California-Ventura County  Brandon Jasso 2014 Long Stick Midfield Oak Park 
California-Ventura County  Shane Bracken  2014 Goalie  Oak Park 
California-Ventura County  Dominic Santor  2014 Attack Oaks Christian
California-Central  Alec Negri 2014 Attack Stevenson
California-Central  Austin Lord 2014 Midfield Pacific Grove 
Florida-Gulf Coast Zachary Woods 2015 Goalie Barron Collier
Florida-Gulf Coast Michael Nathan 2015 Defense Barron Collier
Florida-Gulf Coast Kevin Garrison 2015 Midfield Gulf Coast
Florida-Gulf Coast Jonathan Thelen 2014 Attack IMG Academy
Florida-Gulf Coast Tyler Liotta 2015 Midfield IMG Academy
Florida-Gulf Coast Marc-Antoine Pion 2014 Defense IMG Academy
Florida-Gulf Coast Anthony Alfonso 2014 Attack Port Charlotte
Florida-Gulf Coast Noah Menendez 2014 Midfield Tampa Jesuit
Florida-Gulf Coast Matt Knight 2014 Defense Wesley Chapel
Florida-Gulf Coast Tyler FitzSimons 2014 Attack Wiregrass Ranch
Florida-North RJ Garcia 2014 Midfield Ponte Vedra 
Florida-North Cody Legeza 2014 Attack Ponte Vedra 
Florida-North Evan Weiner 2014 Long Stick Midfield Ponte Vedra 
Florida-North Dalton Cook 2014 Midfield Bartram Trail 
Florida-North Anthony Teixeira 2015 Attack The Bolles School
Florida-North Hayden La Vangie 2015 Midfield/Attack Fleming Island 
Kansas City Metro Mackey Merrill 2014 Defense Shawnee Mission East
Kansas City Metro Logan Moore 2014 Goalie Blue Valley West
Louisiana Luke Robideaux 2014 Middie St. Thomas More Catholic 
Louisiana Arman Alizadeh 2014 Attack Jesuit High School of New Orleans
Louisiana Luke Posner 2014 Defense St Paul's School
Nevada Zachary Taylor 2014 Goalie Bishop Gorman 
Nevada Henry Allen  2014 Attack Bishop Monague Catholic 
Nevada Justin Andersen 2014 Midfield Centennial 
Nevada Grant Gravitt 2014 Attack Faith Lutheran 
South Carolina Mitch Russell 2014 Attack Fort Mill 
South Carolina Ashton Baca 2014 Midfield Greenville 
South Carolina Ben Davidson 2014 Defense Fort Mill 
South Carolina Tucker Dodson 2014 Attack Wando 
South Carolina Thomas Olsen 2014 Midfield Greenville 
South Carolina Braeden Dixon 2014 Goalie Eastside 
South Carolina Billy Dreyer 2016 Goalie Heathwood 
South Carolina Thomas Trouche 2014 Attack Academic Magnet 
South Florida Jerry O'Connor 2014 Defense Benjamin
South Florida Anthony Cicio 2014 Goalie Benjamin
South Florida Nick McCabe 2016 Midfield Boca Raton
South Florida Braylen Sampson 2014 Defense Jupiter
South Florida Zach Crotty 2015 Attack Jupiter
South Florida Joey Guiffrida 2014 Defense Pope John Paul II
South Florida Mikey Urso 2014 Midfield Pope John Paul II
South Florida Adrian Franzone 2016 Attack Spanish River
South Florida Terell Sands 2014 Long Stick Midfield St. Edwards
South Florida Louie Yovino 2016 Midfield St. Thomas Aquinas
South Florida AJ Ferraro  2014 Defense Stoneman-Douglas 
South Florida Raul Mendy 2014 Defense University School
Texas Sam Romano 2015 Midfield ESD
Texas Lee Belland 2014 Midfield Jesuit
Texas Carl Bernicker 2014 Midfield St. John's
Texas Connor Howden 2014 Goalie Austin 
Texas Foster Huggins 2014 Defense ESD
Texas Nick Hruby 2014 Attack Coppell
Texas Richie Loftus 2014 Attack ESD
Texas Sean McCanna 2014 Midfield Woodlands
Texas Tyler Murphy 2014 Attack Woodlands
Texas John Michael Priddy 2016 Long Stick Midfield Jesuit
Texas Robert Reinbolt 2014 Long Stick Midfield Kinkaid
Texas Hugo Reisenbichler 2015 Midfield Highland Park
Texas Wesley Sanders 2014 Midfield Bowie
Texas Blake Tyndall 2016 Midfield Vandegrift
Texas Bryce Wasserman 2014 Attack Southlake
Texas Ben Zook 2014 Defense Westlake

Group 1 Academic All-Americans

Area Name Graduation Year Position
Alabama-Mississippi D. Tillman Drew 2014 Defense
Arizona Benjamin G.J. Pruel 2014 Midfield
Arizona Kurt 'John' Wagner 2014 Midfield
Calif- Sacramento Valley Austin Pink 2014 Attack
Calif- Sacramento Valley Vikram Pathrap 2014 Defense
California-Central Scott Pirkle 2014 Defense
California-Greater LA Tommy Choi 2014 Long Stick Midfield
California-Orange County Warren Case 2014 Midfield
California-Orange County Ravi Dhouni 2014 Midfield
California-San Diego Kenan Yates 2014 Defense
California-San Diego Connor Lansdale  2014 Defense
California-San Diego Henry Gardner 2014 Defense 
California-San Diego Evan Barresi 2014 Midfield
California-San Francisco Peter Lally 2014 Attack
California-San Francisco Frankie Hattler 2014 Attack
California-San Francisco Adam Kurkjian 2014 Defense
California-San Francisco Austin Warner 2014 Midfield
California-San Francisco Thomas Loudermilk 2014 Midfield
California-San Francisco Ben Rosales 2014 Midfield
California-San Francisco Alec Neal 2014 Midfield
California-San Francisco Peter Mascheroni 2014 Midfield
California-Ventura County  Nick Auger  2015 Attack
California-Ventura County  Bradley Vansant  2014 Midfield 
California-Ventura County  Hunter Jamison  2014 Midfield 
Florida-Gulf Coast Kiernan Oknefski 2014 Attack
Florida-Gulf Coast Austin Curtis 2014 Attack
Florida-Gulf Coast Michael Myers 2014 Defense
Florida-Gulf Coast Brian Werkstell 2014 Defense
Florida-Gulf Coast Jeffery Keil 2014 Midfield
Florida-North Jack Berg 2014 Attack
Florida-North Jake Kirschner 2014 Attack
Florida-North Parker Eastland 2014 Defense
Kansas City Metro Connor Prochnow 2014 Midfield
Louisiana Cole Mancuso 2014 Middie
Nevada Samuel Ferrin Moody 2014 Attack
Nevada Jeremy Mitchell Huber 2014 Defense
South Carolina Mitch Russell 2014 Attack
South Carolina Charles Black 2014 Attack
South Carolina Abel Wilson 2014 Midfield
South Carolina Andrew Sowder 2014 Midfield
South Florida Ryan Cordero 2014  
South Florida Perry Gavagni 2014  
South Florida William Leas 2014  
South Florida Bobby Rauch 2014  
South Florida Logan Masta 2014  
South Florida Robert Lugo 2014  
Texas Carson Crow 2014 Defense
Texas James Diamond 2014 Defense
Texas Richard Hojel 2014 Long Stick Midfield
Texas Riley Graham 2014 Midfield
Texas Brett Patterson 2014 Midfield
Texas Carter Statham 2014 Midfield
Texas Brian Welling 2014 Midfield

Group 1 Coaches of the Year

Area Name High School
Alabama-Mississippi Mark Goska John Carroll Catholic 
Arizona Dan Lannon Desert Vista
California-Central Paul Murtha Aptos 
California-Greater LA Jimmy Borell Palos Verde 
California-Orange County Jon Fox Foothill 
California-San Diego Jesse Foss La Costa Canyon
California-San Francisco Brent Ringwood Acalanes
California-Ventura County Tarik Ergin  Oak Park 
Calif-Sacramento Valley Bill Huss Elk Grove 
Calif-Sacramento Valley Scott Pink Granite Bay
Florida-North Tom West Ponte Vedra 
Kansas City Metro Tim Reidy Rockhurst
Louisiana Will Callegari Mandeville
Nevada Tavis  John Martin Liberty
South Carolina Ed Ryan Eastside 
South Florida Chris Holly Boca Raton 
Texas Kevin Barnicle Greenhill

US Lacrosse Assistant Coach of the Year

Area Name High School
California-Central  Ed Laurance Stevenson
California-Greater LA Ian Mills Palos Verde 
California-Orange County Andrew Casimir JSerra Catholic 
California-San Diego Toby Boucher Cathedral Catholic
California-San Francisco Todd French San Ramon Valley 
California-Ventura County Matt Horowitz Agoura 
Calif-Sacramento Valley JR Stowers Casa Robles 
Florida-North James Tuohy The Bolles School
Kansas City Metro Tim Hannon Rockhurst
Kansas City Metro Marty Treynor St. Thomas Aquinas
Louisiana John Meibaum St Paul's School
Nevada Kevin Makowski Green Valley 
South Florida Chazz Woodson Ransom Everglades 
Texas Stuart Shaw Anderson

Group 1 Bob Scott Award Winners

Area Player Name Graduation Year Position High School
California-Central  Hunter Randolph 2014 Goalie Stevenson
California-Orange County Owenn Geis 2014 Defense Foothill 
California-San Diego Jared Maffucci 2014 Midfield La Costa Canyon
California-Ventura County Ryker Wall  2014 Midfield  Newbury Park 
Calif-Sacramento Valley Josh Wellman 2014 Mifield Oakridge 
Florida-North Nick Argitis 2014 Midfield Pedro Menendez 
Kansas City Metro Shea McEnerney 2014 Attack Rockhurst
Louisiana David DiPiazza 2014 Attack Mandeville 
Nevada Kyle Smith 2014 Midfield Bishop Gorman 
South Florida Jason D'Aoust 2014 Attack Wellington 

US Lacrosse Man of the Year Winners

Area Name High School
California-Greater LA Ryland Huyghue  
California-Orange County Daniel Radford (referee)
California-San Diego Scott O'Donnell  
California-San Francisco Greg Angilly The Urban School
California-Ventura County Sean Bobadilla  Calabasas 
Florida-North Lou Argitis Pedro Menendez 
Kansas City Metro Carla Slobodnik Northland
Louisiana Michael Pabst C. E. Byrd 
Nevada Ian Devlin Bishop Gorman 
South Florida  Lee Roggenburg  
Texas Douglas J. Dickson St. Stephen's Episcopal 

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