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July 1, 2014

Vail Shootout Underway With High School Action

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The second day of the Vail Shootout is in the books, as the Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 Shootout continued on the fields in the Colorado Mountains. On the boys' side, FCA, Laxachusetts, Baltimore Crabs and Midwest Select are into the Division I semifinals, with Brady's Bunch, Nebraska Prime, 3d NE Select and Wasatch LC into the DII semis. The girls' are just entering their second day of action, with Team HLA and Team 180 standing atop their pools at 2-0.

Boys U19

The Baltimore Crabs advanced to today's semifinals at the Vail Shootout. (Clark Bell/Gameface Media)

Monday Results

Vail Athletic - Division I Quarterfinals
FCA 19, ADVNC 13
ADVNC held their own against a loaded FCA squad, but FCA took control with the help of Trevor Baptiste who won 26 face-offs during the game.
Laxachusetts 8, Team Colorado 4
Midwest Select 11, Altitude Stickness 7
Baltimore Crabs 14, ADRLN Jr. Tropics 11

Vail Mountain School - Division II
Wasatch LC 20, Nebraska Prime 2
This was a high scoring game for the Wasatch, who took a lead from the very beginning. Nebraska Prime played hard, but were overrun by Wasatch.
Brady's Bunch 20, Local Favorites 0
The Local team had difficulty clearing and maintaining possession against a cohesive and disciplined Brady's squad. In the end Brady's dominated all aspects of the game keeping the Local's on the ropes with fast-paced ball movement and finishing.
3d NE Select 17, Minnesota Chill 5
A back and forth battle with sustained possessions for both teams saw 3d NE Select pull away after half-time.

Sunday Results

Conference A - Edwards Turf Field
Baltimore Crabs 17, Minnesota Chill 2
Altitude Stickness 7, Minnesota Chill 4
Baltimore Crabs 15, Altitude Stickness 2

Conference B - Edwards Field 2 (Adjacent to Turf Field)
Laxachusetts 11, ADVNC 10 OT
Laxachusetts took a commanding lead in the first half, but slowed down enough in the second to let ADVNC catch up by the end of regulation time. Attackman Harry Giarrusso for Laxachusetts ended the day scoring the final goal after a minute of overtime play.
ADVNC 11, Wasatch 7
Laxachusetts 15, Wasatch 9

Conference C - Edwards Field 3 (2nd field from Turf)
FCA 8, Brady's Bunch 2
Team Colorado 17, Nebraska Prime 2
FCA 6, Team Colorado 4
FCA experienced its closest game of the day against a tired, but determined Colorado team. Team Colorado fought hard, but never seemed to be able to catch up and maintain the lead.
Brady's Bunch 15, Nebraska Prime 2
Colorado 15, Brady's Bunch 7
FCA 19, Nebraska Prime 1

Conference D - Edwards Field 4 (East of Backstop)
Midwest Select 7, ADRLN Jr.Tropics 5
Midwest Select and the ADRLN Jr. Tropics were evenly matched in this close game, with each goal being quickly answered by the opposing team. In the end, it was Midwest who made the final sprint to the finish to win by two.
Midwest Select 11, 3d NE Select 6
ADRLN Jr.Tropics 11, 3d NE Select 9

Pool Standings

Conference A
1st: Baltimore Crabs 2-0
2nd: Altitude Stickness 1-1
3rd: Minnesota Chill 0-2

Conference B
1st: Laxachusetts 2-0
2nd: ADVNC 1-1
3rd: Wasatch 0-2

Conference C
1st: FCA 3-0
2nd: Colorado 2-1
3rd: Brady's Bunch 1-2
4th: Nebraska Prime 0-3

Conference D
1st: Midwest Select 2-0
2nd: ADRLN Jr.Tropics 1-1
3rd: 3d NE Select 0-2
4th: AQ - Local Favorites

Tuesday Schdule

11:00am - Laxachusetts vs. Midwest Select
1:00pm - Baltimore Crabs vs. FCA

5th Place Bracket
9:00am - Team Colorado vs. Altitude Stickness
3:00pm - ADVNC vs. ADRLN Jr. Tropics

Vail Mountain School - Division II

10:00am - Brady's Bunch vs. Nebraska Prime
12:00pm - 3d NE Select vs. Wasatch LC

2:00pm - Minnesota Chill vs. Local Favorites


Action continues in the mountains with Tuesday's competition in the boys' and girls' U-19 brackets at the Vail Shootout. (Clark Bell/Gameday Media)

Monday Results

Pool A
Team HLA 16, 3d Select Blue 2
3d Select Blue 11, MLA Northstars 5
LaxNW Rippers 14, MLA Northstars 8
Team HLA 14, LaxNW Rippers 1

Pool B
Frost 8, Bees & Honey 7
Frost and Bees & Honey displayed the true definition of competition as both teams played at high levels capitalizing on each other's mistakes. In the end it was the Frost who proved a bit too cold as they pulled away with a one point victory.
Team 180 '15 14, Stars 2018 Blue 8

Pool C
Team 180 '17 14, Team Colorado 11
Getting off to a superb start Team Colorado quickly set the pace taking a forceful lead over Team 180 '17. The result of this game seemed to be evident but through determination a more focused Team 180 '17 launched a come back and finish the game besting the local girls.
Cat-A-Lax 8, 3d Select Red 8 OT Tie
Team Colorado 13, Cat-A-Lax 4
Team 180 '17 18, 3d Select Red 4

Pool D
Midwestern Lax 15, Houston Heat 2
Denver Summit 15, 3d Select Orange 0

Pool Standings

Pool A
2-0 Team HLA
1-1 Lax NW Rippers
1-1 3d Select Blue
0-2 MLA Northstars

Pool B
1-0 Team 180 '15
1-0 Frost
0-1 Stars 2018 Blue
0-1 Bees & Honey

Pool C
2-0 Team 180 '17
1-1 Team Colorado
0-1-1 3d Select Red
0-1-1 Cat-A-Lax

Pool D
1-0 Midwestern Lax
1-0 Denver Summit
0-1 Houston Heat
0-1 3d Select Orange

Tuesday Schedule

Edwards Turf
9:00 – Cat-A-Lax vs Team 180 '17
10:15 –Frost vs Team 180 '15
11:30 – MLA Northstars vs Team HLA
12:45 –Bees & Honey vs Team 180 '15

Edwards 2
9:00 – Houston Heat vs 3d Select Orange
10:15 – Bees & Honey vs Stars 2018 Blue
11:30 – 3d Select Blue vs Lax NW Rippers
12:45 – Frost vs Stars 2018 Blue

Edwards 3
9:00 – Denver Summit vs Midwestern Lax
10:15 – 3d Select Red vs Team Colorado
11:30 – Denver Summit Houston Heat
12:45 – 3d Select Orange vs Midwestern Lax

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