March 24, 2016

Inside the April Edition of Lacrosse Magazine

Digital Edition

Our story about Connor McKemey as the unlikely face of High Point lacrosse garnered so many responses, we decided to run an updated version in the April edition of Lacrosse Magazine. Moreover, we put McKemey on the cover — again.

Five years after we first met McKemey, and about seven years since a backyard explosion badly burned nearly 90 percent of his body, his story still resonates as an example of our sport at its finest. McKemey continues to defy odds on and off the field, and recently celebrated his 21st birthday with his first career start for the Panthers.

Also in this edition: a soup-to-nuts Major League Lacrosse preview, including scouting reports and statistical analysis, and the story of Stanford star Anna Salemo's struggles with mental illness.

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Stanford's Anna Salemo opens up about her struggles with mental illness. (Rahim Ullah)


Every Stick Has a Story (Sponsored by Epoch Lacrosse)

How an eBay purchase brought Harvard's great race awakening to light — 75 years later.

Out of the Darkness

When Anna Salemo first came back to playing lacrosse and people would ask where she had been the last four years, it was just easier to make up different, unexpected reasons for her leave. "I was in prison," she told som, or, "I had a baby." Now, in the midst of her first season as a standout attacker for the Stanford women's lacrosse team, the fifth-year senior laughs about what she knows once was a serious situation. "The truth can even sound like a joke," she says. "I was in the psych ward."

Georgia's New Favorite Sport

With a burgeoning youth scene and two pro teams in the fold, lacrosse is hot in Atlanta. Just ask Scott Ratliff, the face of the Atlanta Blaze.

MLL Scouting Reports

Team-by-team previews, in projected order of finish.

MLL By the Numbers

Seven statistical trends to watch in 2016.

Beneath the Scars

A special follow-up to our March 2011 cover story on burn survivor Connor McKemey, now the face of High Point lacrosse.

The Carolina Kellys

Timmy Kelly tried not to end up in Chapel Hill. Fate had other ideas.

Off the Field: Ohio State Facilities Tour
Feb 25, 2016



Double-dipping at the Dome, and more early-season college lacrosse action. Check out the photo gallery for the latest from our world-class photographers.

US Lacrosse

Player segmentation promotes safety and competitive fairness in youth lacrosse.


USC at Colorado. Duke at Notre Dame. Michigan at Ohio State. Lacrosse is back on real TV.

Off the Field

Jump in a golf cart and take the first-class tour with Ohio State and U.S. U19 coach Nick Myers.

One dribble, two dribble, three dribble, spin. Free positions in lacrosse are just like free throws in basketball. (Josh Rottman)

Your Edge

Duke's Case Matheis and Brad Smith ran a two-man game against Lehigh's Tripp Telesco — and all three lived to tell us about it. Meanwhile, former Syracuse and current Team USA standout Alyssa Murray treats free-position shots like basketball free throws, our friends at Trilogy Lacrosse break down drills featuring 4v3 tight stickwork and 1v1 wing dodges, and LM columnist Kate Hickman seeks out unconventional training methods used by the top college women's teams.

Give and Go

Rachel Vander Kolk, the 2015 ACC Freshman of the Year, is the next leader in aerospace engineering.

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