July 16, 2009

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Give and Go: Anthony Kelly

Midfielder | Chicago Machine

Who is your favorite athlete?

My old-school favorite was [NHL Hall of Famer] Ray Bourque. I grew up playing hockey, so he was my idol as a kid. My new favorite is LeBron James. I like to follow hoops and LeBron is pretty cool, and the fact that he's from Cleveland is even cooler.

Who in lacrosse is destined to be a reality TV star?

A very good friend of mine, Mitch Belisle. He's got that smart maniac mentality, being a Cornell guy. He would blow up somewhere

What's one thing you can't live without?

Coffee. I drink as much black coffee as I can before I play a game.

Where did you go on your last vacation?

To San Diego for the Jam by the Sea tournament. I try to go to California as much as possible. I used to play in LA and spent quite a lot of time out there with the Riptide. I love the weather, the people, the beaches. Just a laid-back atmosphere.

What does lacrosse really need?

A major TV contract for the pro game. Obviously, ESPN is doing a better job of covering the college game, but we need a mainstream Friday or Saturday night game for the MLL. That would really put the game in the public eye and really boost the ratings.

It's 2019 -- where are you and what are you doing?

I kinda live day by day. It's tough to think that far down the road. Doing something with the game - coaching, maybe. I'd like to coach in the MLL. Ten years is a long time.

Overtime (from Max Silberlicht, goalie, Hobart College)

What was the first lacrosse stick you ever used?

I didn't start playing lacrosse until I was 15, so I got kind of a late start. It was an STX Turbo with the traditional strings.

Double Overtime (from Justine Beltzer, Pittsburgh, Pa.)

What is the story behind your most interesting scar?

I have a little scar by my left eye. It was from a fight in indoor when I played with the New York Titans. It was a kind of a big scrum around our goal, and then one of the guys came running in and tried to cheap shot me. That just kind of started the whole thing.

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