September 29, 2009

MLL: Sims to Join Sonke in Retirement?

from staff reports

Jeff Sonke has already announced his retirement. Will longtime teammate Josh Sims follow him?

Major League Lacrosse released its 23-man protected rosters Tuesday, and both Denver Outlaws midfielders were left unprotected.

"It was difficult for me," Sonke told LM after the Outlaws' lost in the MLL championship game for the third time in four years in August. "I really thought we were going to pull this one out. For my career to end like that was tough"

Sims, a year older than Sonke, said he too was contemplating retirement.

Among the names not protected for 2010 were several other long-time MLL veterans, causing speculation that some could follow suit.

The Boston Cannons elected not to protect veteran midfielder Kevin Cassese.  Cassese, a seven year veteran, began his career with the Rochester Rattlers in 2003.  In four seasons with the Rattlers, he collected 152 groundballs, and went 180 of 363 on face-offs.  He then spent the next two seasons in Philadelphia, winning the MLL Championship with the Barrage in 2007, before joining the Cannons in 2009.  In 62 regular season appearances, Cassese has scored 64 goals, 12 of which were two-pointers, and added 28 assists for 104 points.  He also has 9 points and 15 groundballs in 6 postseason appearances.

In addition to Sonke and Sims in Denver, veteran defenseman Tom Garvey, was left unprotected by the Outlaws.  Garvey also announced his plans to retire shortly after Denver’s loss in the 2009 MLL Championship Game to the Toronto Nationals.  Garvey began his career in Boston in 2005.  He would spend the next four seasons in Denver.  Garvey has appeared in 48 regular season games, collecting 51 ground balls, and also played in a total of eight postseason games, seven as a member of the Outlaws.

Sims has played in the league since its inception in 2001, and was one of the three original players assigned to the Baltimore Bayhawks. Sims spent his first five seasons with the Bayhawks, before joining the Outlaws in 2006. He won two MLL championships with Baltimore.  As a member of both the Bayhawks and the Outlaws, Sims has appeared in the MLL postseason in each one of his nine years in the League.  His 16 playoff appearances are more than any other player in league history.  His 29 goals in the playoffs lead all players, and he is tied with Roy Colsey for most points scored in the postseason with 36. In 80 regular season games, Sims has scored 116 goals, including 15 two-pointers, and added 57 assists for 188 points.

Sonke also began playing in 2001 and also spent the first five seasons of his career in Baltimore.  He is seventh all-time in regular season games played with 97.  In that span, he has scored 144 goals, including 24 two-point goals, which places him third all-time for two-pointers scored in the regular season.  Sonke also has 58 assists and 226 points in the regular season.  Sonke is second only to Sims in total postseason appearances, having played in 14 playoff games, where he has scored 18 goals, three two-pointers, and five assists.

Four players who appear in the top eight in terms of all-time regular season games played, goalie Brian Dougherty (105 games), defenseman John Gagliardi (96 games), attackman Tim Goettelmann 110 games) and midfielder Blake Miller (100 games) were all left unprotected by the Long Island Lizards. 

Dougherty has played for the Rochester Rattlers, the Long Island Lizards and the Philadelphia Barrage over the course of his nine-year career.  Winning championships with the Lizards in 2003, and back-to-back championships with the Barrage in 2006 and 2007, Dougherty also was named the Warrior Goaltender of the Year in each of those three seasons.  Dougherty earned a record of 60-42 in the regular season, with a 12.85 GAA and a .578 save percentage.  In nine postseason appearances, he has a record of 6-3, with a 12.89 GAA and a .570 save percentage. He leads all goalies in the number of regular season games played, total minutes played (5,945), saves (1752) and wins.

John Gagliardi was one of Long Island’s original three assigned players in 2001, and has spent his entire nine-year career with the Lizards, although he was limited to just three games this season.  He has collected 306 ground balls and contributed nine goals, one two-point goal and 11 assists.  Gagliardi has also made eight postseason appearances, collecting 29 ground balls.

Goettelmann, the 2009 New Balance Sportsman of the Year, is the league’s all-time leader in games played, having become the first player to break 100 games early in the 2009 season.  His 230 career regular season goals place him fourth on the all-time list and he is sixth all-time in regular season scoring, with 315 points.  In nine postseason appearances with the Lizards, Goettelmann has scored 17 goals and five assists.

Blake Miller is another one of the MLL's original assigned players, having been assigned to the Bridgeport Barrage in the league’s inaugural season.  Miller’s best season came in 2004,  when he scored 46 goals and 11 assists, earning the title of Warrior Offensive Player of the Year and winning the MLL championship with the Barrage.  He has scored 193 goals and 52 assists in the regular season, as well as scoring 14 points in five playoff games. 

In Toronto, legend Gary Gait was on the Nationals' unprotected list.  Gait was picked up by Toronto prior to the 2009 season, having not played in the league since 2005, when shared MLL MVP honors with Mark Millon of the Boston Cannons. Hampered by injury, Gait only appeared in three games this past season, scoring two goals.  Gait began his MLL career in 2001, winning his first MLL title with the Lizards that season.  For the 2002 season, Gait was traded to the Baltimore Bayhawks, where he would remain until his retirement in 2005. At the helm of the team as both player and coach, Gait led the Bayhawks to MLL titles in 2002 and 2005.

Among the players left unprotected by the Washington Bayhawks were attackmen Spencer Ford and Scott Urick.  Ford has played at least one game for five different MLL franchises.  As a member of the Los Angeles Riptide in 2007, Ford was named Warrior Most Improved Player of the Year, when he scored 13 goals and added a single-season record 47 assists.  He is sixth all-time in regular season assists with a total of 102 collected over the span of 38 games. Ford also has 37 career regular season goals.

Urick has also played nine seasons in the league, the first eight with the New Jersey Pride.  Urick currently is third all-time in both regular season games played with 103 and in regular season goals scored with 138 goals.

Those players left unprotected have been released into the MLL Player Pool, which will remain frozen until after the completion of the 2010 Supplemental Draft, which will be held Dec. 9.
A complete list of each team’s 23-man protected roster, as well as those players which were left unprotected, is included below.

Boston Cannons Protected
Alrich, Matt-Attack
Belisle, Mitch-Defense
Boyle,  Ryan-Attack
Burke, Jordan-Goalie
Casey, Matt -Midfield
Christmas, Jonathan-Attack
Corp, Brandon-Attack
Downing, Greg-Midfield
Eck, Christopher-Midfield/FO
Horsey, Bobby-Midfield
Levin, Michael-Goalie
McClay , Ryan-Defense
Megill, Ray-Defense
Messina, Matt-Midfield
Morris, Sean-Attack
Passavia, Chris-Defense
Podgajny, Mike-Midfield
Poskay, Matt-Midfield
Rabil, Paul-Midfield
Reid, Jack-Defense
Smith, Justin-Midfield
Sweeney, Kyle-Defense
Turner, Kip-Goalie

Boston Cannons Unprotected
Beebe, Jake-Midfield
Cassese, Kevin-Midfield
D’Arrigo, Joseph-Midfield
Evans, Nate-Midfield
Garber, Brett-Midfield
Garnett, Reyn-Defense
Ortolani, John-Midfield
Zummo, Tom-Midfield

Chicago Machine Protected
Bauer, Stephen-Defense
Bice, Greg-Defense
Bigas, Jeff-Defense
Brooks, Steven-Midfield
Cannon, Brendan-Attack
Driscoll, DJ-Defense
Gabel, Mike-Goalie
Guadagnolo, Kyle-Defense
Kelly, Anthony -Midfield/FO
Kimener, Terry-Midfield
Kovler, Mark-Midfield
Leveille, Mike-Attack
Leveille, Kevin-Attack
Loftus, Brendan-Midfield
McGlone, Bill-Midfield
Nims, Kenny-Attack
Park, Jarett-Midfield
Petit, Michael-Goalie
Rotelli, Chris-Midfield
Shanahan, Doug-Midfield
Striebel, Matt-Midfield
Whittenberg, Steve-Defense
Woodson, Chazz-Attack

Chicago Machine Unprotected
Billingsley, Charles-Defense
Bluse, Christopher-Goalie
Brennan, Dan-Midfield
Bundra, Mark-Midfield
Carrozza, John-Midfield
Covert, Ryan-Defense
Culver, Mike-Defense
Dinola, Jordan-Defense
Gurenlian, Greg-Midfield
Healy, Brendan-Midfield
Hoff, Ryan-Attack
Pittard, Eric-Attack

Denver Outlaws Protected
Bocklet, Matthew-Defense
Borell, Jim-Midfield
Brown, Matthew-Attack
Christopher, Brian-Midfield
Cittadino, Casey-Midfield
Ethington, Tom -Defense
Fullerton, Adam-Goalie
Hardy, Dan-Midfield
Harrison, Kyle-Midfield
Hopmann, Alex-Midfield
Hughes, Brett-Defense
Koppens, Shane -Attack
Langtry, Brian-Midfield
Martin, Eric-Defense
Mundorf, Brendan-Attack
O'Dougherty, Chris-Defense
Schwartzman, Jesse-Goalie
Seibald, Maxwell-Midfield
Walterhoefer, Shane-Midfield/FO
Ward, Michael-Midfield
Watkins, Nate-Midfield
Westervelt, Drew-Attack
Zink, Lee-Defense

Denver Outlaws Unprotected
Blevins, Jeremy-Goalie
Braun, Lou-Midfield
Garvey, Tom-Defense
Jungers, Zach-Defense
McCarthy, Sean-Defense
Romero, Robert-Midfield
Sims, Josh-Midfield
Smith, Alex-Goalie
Sonke, Jeff-Midfield
Long Island Lizards Protected
Adams, Andrew-Goalie
Berger, Stephen-Midfield
Cocchi, Dan-Defense
Cromwell, Keith-Attack
D'Agostino, Frank-Defense
Danowski, Matt -Attack
Fiore, Chris-Midfield
Glynn, John-Midfield/FO
Greer, Zack-Attack
Lindsay, Sean-Midfield
McDevitt, Tony -Defense
Muscarella, Anthony-Midfield
Orsen, John-Midfield
Pages, Ricky-Defense
Panarelli, Steve  -Defense
Peyser, Stephen-Midfield
Polanco, Nicholas-Defense
Resetarits, Frank-Attack
Spallina, Brian -Defense
Unterstein, Kevin-Midfield
Vlahakis, Peter-Midfield/FO
Watts, Julian-Midfield
Zash, Matt-Midfield
Long Island Lizards Unprotected
Adams, Glenn-Midfield
Dougherty, Brian-Goalie
Engelke, Jonathan-Attack
Gagliardi, John-Defense
Galante, Keith-Midfield
Goettelmann, Tim-Attack
Lambe, Jerry-Defense
McDermott, Regis-Defense
McMonagle, Matt-Goalie
Miller, Blake-Midfield
Moss, Donny-Midfield
Toronto Nationals Protected
Cinosky, Joe-Defense
Grant Jr., John-Attack
Hall, Jordan-Midfield
Hoar, Stephen-Midfield
Levine, Jordan-Midfield
Merrill, Brodie-Defense
Montour, Thomas-Midfield
O'Hara, Nick-Defense
Powless, Delby-Attack
Prout, Gavin-Midfield
Queener, Brett-Goalie
Ross, Brad-Midfield
Schneider, Jonathan-Goalie
Small, Corey-Attack
Smith, Sid-Defense
Snider, Geoffrey-Midfield/FO
Sullivan, Jonathan-Defense
Thomson, Merrick-Attack
Timms, Michael-Defense
Vinc, Matt-Defense
Walters, Joe-Midfield
Williams, Shawn-Attack
Zywicki, Jeff-Attack
Toronto Nationals Unprotected
Billings, Garrett-Attack
Cocoziello, Dan-Defense
Gait, Gary-Attack
Greenhalgh, Sean-Attack
Iannucci, Jonathan-Attack
McElduff, Stephen-Defense
Point, Craig-Midfield
Ratcliff, Lewis-Attack
Sanderson, Phil-Defense
Schongar, Chris-Defense
Smith, Billy-Dee-Midfield
Sorensen, Kyle, Defense
Steenhuis, Mark-Midfield
Vyse, Roger-Attack
Washington Bayhawks Protected
Abbott, Matt-Midfield
Buchanan, Kevin-Attack
Chemotti, Dan-Midfield
Combs, Andrew-Attack
Dixon, Kyle-Midfield
Erwin, Benson-Midfield
Evans, Michael-Defense
Garrity, Chris-Goalie
Glading, Daniel -Attack
Glading, Billy-Midfield
Hartzel, Kyle-Defense
Hunt, Ben-Midfield
Huntley, Kevin-Attack
McFadyen, Ryan-Defense
Nadelen, Shawn-Defense
Poillon, Peet-Midfield
Prossner, Jed-Attack
Reynolds, Jeff-Midfield
Ricci, Peter-Defense
Rubeor , Ben-Attack
Russell, Matt-Goalie
Smith, Alex-Midfield
Staines, Ronnie -Defense
Washington Bayhawks Unprotected
Berkman, Kylor-Midfield
Byrne, Jake-Attack
Collins, Chris-Goalie
Ford, Spencer-Attack
Gill, Conor-Attack
Gill, Graham-Midfield
Groot, Dan-Midfield
Urick, Scott-Attack

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