August 30, 2012

MLL Changes On-Field Equipment Policy

MLL will now allow apparel and equipment manufactuers to partner with the league and have their products worn on-field during games.
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by Corey McLaughlin | | Twitter

In a move that Major League Lacrosse commissioner David Gross says "should have a positive impact on everyone associated," with the league, MLL will allow any lacrosse manufacturer to partner with the league and have its product worn on-field during games.

Players currently must wear Warrior, Brine or New Balance equipment and apparel and Cascade helmets, but in a letter to MLL's eight teams and all players Thursday afternoon, Gross said "we will be opening up the on-field equipment category," for the 2013 season.

The new league policy will follow the National Hockey League model in which manufacturers can sponsor individual categories of on-field equipment. For MLL's purposes these categories will include bags, balance bracelets, body equipment (arm pads, chest protectors, rib pads, shoulder pads), compression shirts and shorts, gloves, knee bands, socks, stick handles and stick heads, according to the letter.

If a manufacturer does not partner with MLL, its product will still not be allowed on-field. For manufacturers who partner witih MLL, their endorsed players can wear those brands during games.

"Among our objectives with this change is that with the added exposure for endorsed athlete product on-field, there should be significantly more opportunities for MLL players to sign endorsement deals with companies that chose to partner with MLL," Gross wrote.

Gross said the change "has been in the works for some time" and that "we'll have a great deal going on this offseason."

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