January 10, 2014

Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft Live from Philly

by Brian Logue and Sean Burns | LaxMagazine.com | Twitter

Update: The final picks have been made and the 2014 Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft is in the books. Check back tomorrow for Corey McLaughlin's analysis, and on Monday for some thoughts from draft analyst Evan Washburn. 

Here are the full draft results, with LM's live coverage archived below.

Round 1

Ohio: Tom Schreiber, M, Princeton
Rochester: Jordan Wolf, A, Duke
New York:  Joe Fletcher, D, Loyola
New York: Luke Duprey, LSM/D, Duke
Florida: Kieran McArdle, A, St. John’s
Denver: Jeremy Noble, M, Denver
Charlotte: Michael Ehrhardt, D, Maryland
Boston: Scott McWilliams, D, Virginia

Round 2

Charlotte: Pat Laconi, M, Loyola
Florida: Joe Meurer, D, Ohio State
Charlotte: Mike Chanenchuk, M, Maryland
Florida: Ryan Creighton, M, North Carolina
Ohio: Rob Guida, M, Johns Hopkins
Charlotte: Brendan Fowler, FO, Duke
Charlotte: Thomas DeNapoli, A/M, Towson
Denver:  Brent Hiken, FO, Stevenson

Round 3

Boston: Rob Emery, M, Virginia
Charlotte: Josh Dionne, A, Duke
Boston: Austin Kaut, G, Penn State
Rochester: Miles Thompson, A, Albany
Chesapeake: Matt Harris, LSM/D, Syracuse
Denver:  Ty Souders, D, Lehigh
Charlotte: Justin Ward, A, Loyola
Chesapeake: Dylan Levings, FO, Yale

Round 4

Ohio: Jackson Place, D, Bucknell
Rochester: John LoCascio, LSM, Villanova
Ohio: Scott Loy, M, Syracuse
Rochester: Ty Thompson, A, Albany
Florida: Niko Amato, G, Maryland
Denver: Colin Dunster, M, Bryant
Charlotte: Henry Lobb, D, Duke
Rochester: Daniel Eipp, M, Harvard

Round 5

Boston: Jack Reilly, D, Johns Hopkins
New York: Brandon Mangan, A, Yale
Chesapeake: Pat Kiernan, LSM, Navy
Chesapeake: Alex Love, A, Hobart
Boston: Erik Smith, M,  Air Force
Denver: Jamie Faus, G, Denver
Ohio: Derek Maltz, A, Syracuse
Chesapeake:  Brandon Benn, A, Johns Hopkins

Round 6

Ohio: Stephen O’Hara, D, Notre Dame
Boston: Phil Castranova, M, Johns Hopkins
Denver: James Connelly, D, Delaware
Rochester: Tom Freshour, D, Cornell
Florida: Bobby Lawrence, D, Colgate
Denver: Nick Fernandez, M, Princeton
Charlotte: Zack Losco, M, Penn
Chesapeake: Kevin Cernuto, A, St. John’s

Round 7

Ohio: R.G. Keenan, FO, North Carolina
Chesapeake: Mark MacNeill, M, North Carolina
Boston: Phil Poe, FO, UMBC
Rochester: Andrew Wagner, D, Mercyhurst
Florida: Andrew Barton, M, Providence
Denver: Terry Ellis, M, Denver
Charlotte: Chris Hipps , D, Duke
Rochester:  Mark Cockerton, A, Virginia

Round 8

Ohio: Spencer Schnell, M, Ohio Wesleyan
New York: Alex Zomerfeld, M, Bryant
Boston: Jack Murphy, G, Fairfield
Rochester: Tom LaCrosse, M, Penn State
Florida: Duncan Clancy, A, Jacksonville
Denver: Ben McIntosh, M, Drexel
Charlotte: Kevin O’Neill, M, Villanova
Chesapeake: Brian Cooper, M, Maryland

We're live from the Liberty Ballroom at the Philadelphia Marriott as the Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft gets going amidst all the other action at the US Lacrosse National Convention. 

Quint Kessenich and Evan Washburn will be broadcasting the event (available here via the MLL's YouTube channel), and we'll be tweeting and updating our blog as things progress.

Plenty of the league's luminaries are expected to be in attendance for the event, which is free and open to the public for those who happen to be around the corner and want to drop in. If you're not local but want to participate in the discussion, feel free to jump in on twitter by using the hashtag #MLLDraft - your (appropriate) contributions will be featured in our blog below in real-time.

The draft consists of eight rounds, and the full draft order is available here (PDF opens in new window).

Be sure to check out Phil Shore's preview of the draft, where he runs down what each of the league's eight teams needs to do with its selections (in his opinion) and mocks up how he sees things going over the first two rounds. We'll know how accurate his thoughts were soon enough...


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