February 13, 2014

MLL Partners with Adrenaline, LXM Pro Tour

by Corey McLaughlin | LaxMagazine.com | Twitter | McLaughlin Archive

As part of a deal announced Thursday, MLL players can play in LXM Pro Tour events, and vice versa. (Lee Weissman; Dirk Dewacther)

MLL or LXM? That question no longer needs to be asked.

Major League Lacrosse announced Thursday morning that it has partnered with the lacrosse apparel company, Adrenaline, and the deal extends to the Adrenaline LXM Pro Tour.

As part of the partnership, MLL players will be able to play in LXM events, and vice versa.

The news comes just two days after the MLL announced STX as the league's official equipment sponsor for the 2014 season.

"This is another major step in unifying the sport of lacrosse and getting everyone to work as one to grow the sport," MLL commissioner David Gross said in a statement. "Having Adrenaline as a league partner and creating an opportunity for lacrosse players to compete year round is a win for everyone involved."

Adrenaline will be designated an "Official Partner of Major League Lacrosse" and will provide sideline apparel to all MLL teams as the exclusive supplier of hats and shooting shirts and a non-exclusive provider of socks.

Gross also said LXM will move all of its events to the MLL offseason and focus them in markets where the MLL does not currently have a presence. After the upcoming MLL season, starting in September 2014 and running through March 2015, MLL players will be allowed to compete in LXM events.

Current LXM players are eligible to play in the 2014 MLL season as well — MLL will re-open its player pool — and LXM co-founder Kyle Harrison said on Twitter shortly after the announcement broke that playing MLL is "the plan. We'll see what happens."

"This partnership between Adrenaline Apparel, Adrenaline LXM and the MLL is one that truly shows the spirit of cooperation that is taking hold within our sport," Adrenaline CEO Alex Cade said. "This positive movement is at the core of everything we are at Adrenaline."

"After speaking with David Gross it was refreshing to hear firsthand the shared mutual appreciation and respect we shared for what each professional organization has done for the sport," Cade said. "This partnership between the MLL and Adrenaline LXM is one that is inclusive in nature and provides top-level professional athletes the freedom to play where they want, when they want, and how they want. I can't think of anything better for the sport than that."

Adrenaline's LXM featured 12 Tour stops on its 2013 season, in Orange County (Calif.), San Diego, Chicago, Utah, Sacramento, Dallas, Atlanta, Arizona, Las Vegas, Florida, and Los Angeles. The MLL currently has eight franchises, located in Denver, Ohio, Charlotte, Florida, New York, Chesapeake (Annapolis), Rochester and Boston.

The MLL season begins April 26. Adrenaline said in a statement Thursday it will announce plans for 2014 and 2015 events in the coming months, followed by a player acquisition process and official rosters.

"The LXM and MLL partnership is a great step forward for professional lacrosse," LXM co-founder Xander Ritz said. "Connecting the two organizations formally and removing some of the challenges that athletes faced having to choose one place or another will undoubtedly advance the pro game immediately. When we started LXM I think we always expected this sort of collaboration to take place and we're excited to continue pressing forward in partnership with the MLL."

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