January 22, 2016

#LMLive: 2016 MLL Collegiate Draft Results, Analysis

by Phil Shore | LaxMagazine.com | Twitter

BALTIMORE -- Impending bad weather pushed the start of the 2016 Major League Lacrosse draft up a tad, but show went on at the US Lacrosse National Convention.

Eight rounds. Nine teams, and the expansion Atlanta Blaze had the first overall pick. They used it to select Duke midfielder Myles Jones first overall.

The Charlotte Hounds used the second overall pick to pick Syracuse's Dylan Donahue. Reigning collegiate defensive player of the year Matt Landis of Notre Dame went third to the Florida Launch, followed by sweet-shooting Johns Hopkins attackman Ryan Brown going fourth to Charlotte.

Notre Dame attackman Matt Kavanagh went fifth to Denver. Boston selected of Virginia's Greg Coholan sixth. A run of defenseman ended the first round, with Rochester's pick of Maryland defenseman Matt Dunn, Ohio's pick of Yale defenseman Michael Quinn and Rochester's selection of Syracuse defenseman Brandon Mullins.

Later in the second round, three Maryland prospects were taken in a row in goalie Kyle Bernlohr (Ohio) and midfielders Henry West (Florida) and Pat Young (Charlotte). With four picks in the first 13, that's a record for the Terps. Then Maryland midfielder Bryan Cole went 16th to Ohio and defenseman Greg Danseglio 19th to expansion Atlanta.

Marquette long-stick midfielder Liam Byrnes was taken with the 21st pick, in the third round, by Florida. Byrnes is the first-ever pick from the Marquette program. Long-stick midfielder Matt Hossack, a Division III product of RIT, went two picks later to Denver.

Atlanta also swung a pre-draft trade to acquire Boston long-stick midfielder Scott Ratliff from the Cannons in a deal that sent Brodie Merrill, acquired via the expansion draft, Mike Pellegrino and Justin Turri to Boston. The Blaze also got the 15th overall pick in this draft, a 2017 supplemental draft pick and Boston got Atlanta's 2017 first-rounder.

The Bayhawks also made a pair of trades, acquiring defenseman Dana Wilbur from Ohio for the 11th overall pick and a 2017 supplemental choice. Chesapeake also sent Niko Pontrello to Florida for the 22nd overall selection, which became Albany attackman/midfielder John Maloney.

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First Round

1. Atlanta Blaze - Myles Jones, M, Duke
2. Charlotte Hounds - Dylan Donahue, A, Syracuse
3. Florida Launch - Matt Landis, D, Notre Dame
4. Charlotte Hounds - Ryan Brown, A, Johns Hopkins
5. Denver Outlaws - Matt Kavanagh, A, Notre Dame
6. Boston Cannons - Greg Coholan, A/M, Virginia
7. Rochester Rattlers - Matt Dunn, D, Maryland
8. Ohio Machine - Michael Quinn, D, Yale
9. Rochester Rattlers - Brandon Mullins, D, Syracuse

Second Round

10. Atlanta Blaze - Deemer Class, M, Duke
11. Ohio Machine - Kyle Bernlohr, G, Maryland
12. Florida Launch - Henry West, M, Maryland
13. Charlotte Hounds - Pat Young, M, Maryland
14. Denver Outlaws - Stephen Jahelka, D, Harvard
15. Atlanta Blaze - Tyler Albrecht, M, Loyola
16. Ohio Machine - Bryan Cole, M, Maryland
17. Rochester Rattlers - John Edmonds, M, Cornell
18. Charlotte Hounds - Nick Doktor, A, Penn

Third Round

19. Atlanta Blaze - Greg Danseglio, D, Maryland
20. Charlotte Hounds - Colin Woolford, M, Denver
21. Florida Launch - Liam Byrnes, LSM, Marquette
22. Chesapeake Bayhawks - John Maloney, A/M, Albany
23. Denver Outlaws - Matt Hossack, LSM, RIT
24. New York Lizards - James Pannell, A, Virginia
25. Florida Launch - Steve Pontrello, A, North Carolina
26. Charlotte Hounds - Brendan Caputo, M, Brown

Fourth Round

27. Charlotte Hounds - Tyler White, G, Towson
28. Florida Launch - Gunnar Waldt, G, Bryant
29. Florida Launch - Robby Haus, D, Ohio State
30. Chesapeake Bayhawks - Mark Glicini, M, Yale
31. Denver Outlaws - Sam Llinares, A, Hofstra
32. Boston Cannons - Challen Rogers, M, Stony Brook
33. Ohio Machine - Bobby Schmitt, LSM, Bellarmine
34. Rochester Rattlers - TJ Neubauer, M, Fairfield
35. New York Lizards - Jacob Richard, M, Marquette

Fifth Round

36. Atlanta Blaze - Warren Hill, G, Syracuse
37. Charlotte Hounds - Goran Murray, D, Maryland
38. Ohio Machine - Dan Lomas, A, High Point
39. New York Lizards - Ryan Ambler, A, Princeton
40. Denver Outlaws - BJ Grill, D, Marquette
41. Boston Cannons - Jake Matthai, M, North Carolina
42. Ohio Machine - Mike Messenger, M, Limestone
43. New York Lizards - David Manning, D, Loyola

Sixth Round

44. Ohio Machine - Cameron Williams, M, Colgate
45. Charlotte Hounds - Joe Radin, A, Marist
46. Florida Launch: Devin Dwyer, A, Harvard
47. Chesapeake Bayhawks - Zach Herreweyers, A, Loyola
48. Denver Outlaws - Tim Barber, M, Syracuse
49. Boston Cannons - John Uppgren, A, Tufts
50. Ohio Machine - Zach Powers, D, North Carolina
51. Rochester Rattlers - Blaze Riorden, G, Albany
52. New York Lizards - Brody Eastwood, A, Stony Brook

Seventh Round

53. Atlanta Blaze - Case Matheis, A, Duke
54. Charlotte Hounds - Evan Connell, D, North Carolina
55. Chesapeake Bayhawks - Michael Howard, D, Virginia
56. Chesapeake Bayhawks - Carter Brown, A, Ohio St.
57. Denver Outlaws - Jack Kelly, G, Brown
58. Boston Cannons - Matt Thistle, A, High Point
59. Ohio Machine - Vince Gravino, A, Canisius
60. Rochester Rattlers - Eric DeJohn, M, St. John's
61. Charlotte Hounds - Zach Sikora, D, Rutgers

Eighth Round

62. Rochester Rattlers - Austin Schultz, D, Army
63. Charlotte Hounds - Shane Morrell, A, Bryant
64. Florida Launch - Alex Spring, LSM, Bucknell
65. Chesapeake Bayhawks - Holden Cattoni, M, Johns Hopkins
66. Denver Outlaws - Connor Helfrich, FO, Tufts
67. Boston Cannons - Cameron Bell, G, Endicott
68. Ohio Machine - Derek Kihembo, D, Johns Hopkins
69. Rochester Rattlers - Sal Tuttle, A, Adelphi
70. New York Lizards - Scott Bieda, A, Rutgers

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