December 14, 2016
Former Brown faceoff midfielder Will Gural was the first overall pick Wednesday in the MLL Supplemental Draft, selected by the Florida Launch. (Bill Danielewski)
Former Brown faceoff midfielder Will Gural was the first overall pick Wednesday in the MLL Supplemental Draft, selected by the Florida Launch. (Bill Danielewski)

Gural Goes First in MLL Supplemental Draft

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The Florida Launch drafted midfielder Will Gural with the first selection in the 2017 Major League Lacrosse Supplemental Draft on Wednesday.

Gural helped lead Brown to the NCAA semifinals last season, where the Bears lost to Maryland in overtime. He scored 11 goals in 18 games and won 270 of 386 faceoffs (70 percent). In 43 career games at Brown, Gural had 19 goals, seven assists, 227 ground balls and won 527 of 834 faceoffs (63 percent).

The Atlanta Blaze picked defenseman Callum Robinson with the second choice in the draft. A native of Australia, Robinson appeared in nine games with Chesapeake last season, collecting 25 ground balls. The Bayhawks selected Robinson in the third round of last year's supplemental draft.

Attackman Garrett Thul, who returned to MLL after graduating from U.S. Army Ranger School, went third overall to the Chesapeake Bayhawks.

Several Canadian and predominantly indoor players declared eligibility for this draft, most notably National Lacrosse League star Shawn Evans, who has won NLL and Major Series Lacrosse scoring titles and MVP awards. Getting ready to report to the New England Black Wolves, Evans held the NLL single-season scoring record before Buffalo's Dhane Smith shattered it this year. In an interview with the Peterborough Examiner, Evans said he would like to maximize his earning potential in lacrosse by playing in both leagues. He also was drafted by the Bayhawks in the sixth round (48th overall).

MLL Supplemental Draft Results

First Round
1. Will Gural, FO/M, Florida Launch
2. Callum Robinson, D, Atlanta Blaze
3. Garrett Thul, A, Chesapeake Bayhawks
4. Greg Danseglio, D, Rochester Rattlers
5. Evan Connell, D, Boston Cannons
6. Casey Ikeda, D, Charlotte Hounds
7. Chris Piccirilli, D, New York Lizards
8. Kevin Cunningham, A, Ohio Machine
9. Tripp Telesco, D, Denver Outlaws

Second Round
10. Marty Bowes, M, Florida Launch
11. Greg Melaugh, A, Florida Launch
12. Nick Galasso, M, Rochester Rattlers
13. Conor Gately, A, Rochester Rattlers
14. Scott Bieda, A, Boston Cannons
15. Casey Eidenshink, D, Charlotte Hounds
16. Ryan Flanagan, D, New York Lizards
17. Joe McCallion, M, Ohio Machine
18. Ryan Young, A, Denver Outlaws

Third Round
19. Reagan Harding, M, Florida Launch
20. Anthony Kelly, FO/M, Atlanta Blaze
21. Mike Poppleton, FO/M, Chesapeake Bayhawks
22. Ryan Kilpatrick, LSM, Rochester Rattlers
23. Gunnar Waldt, G, Atlanta Blaze
24. Nick Dokter, A, Charlotte Hounds
25. Tyler German, M, New York Lizards
26. Mike Rooney, A, Ohio Machine
27. Henry Schoonmaker, M, Denver Outlaws

Fourth Round
28. Christian Pastirik, M, Florida Launch
29. Cody Jamieson, A, New York Lizards
30. Bobby Schmitt, D, Ohio Machine
31. TJ Neubauer, M, Rochester Rattlers
32. Patrick Kelly, M, Ohio Machine
33. Michael Keasey, M, Charlotte Hounds
34. Case Matheis, A, New York Lizards
35. Derek DeJoe, M, Ohio Machine
36. Pat Laconi, M, Denver Outlaws

Fifth Round
37. Reid Acton, D, Florida Launch
38. Finn Sullivan, D, Denver Outlaws
39. Matthew Bertrams, M, Chesapeake Bayhawks
40. Brian Megill, D, Rochester Rattlers
41. Henry Blynn, A, Boston Cannons
42. Mark DiFrangia, D, Charlotte Hounds
43. Conrad Oberbeck, A, New York Lizards
44. Tom Grimm, M, Ohio Machine
45. Alex Warden, D, Denver Outlaws

Sixth Round
46. Sean Meagher, D, Florida Launch
47. Adam Fullerton, G, Atlanta Blaze
48. Shawn Evans, A, Chesapeake Bayhawks
49. John Moderski, LSM, Rochester Rattlers
50. Tyler White, G, Boston Cannons
51. Brian Cooper, D, Charlotte Hounds
52. Zach Sikora, D, New York Lizards
53. Patrick Harbeson, M, Ohio Machine
54. Ryan Ambler, A, Denver Outlaws

Seventh Round
55. Matt Thistle, A, Florida Launch
56. Callum Crawford, M, Atlanta Blaze
57. Kyle Jackson, A, Boston Cannons
58. Kris Alleyne, G, Rochester Rattlers
59. Erik Smith, M, Boston Cannons
60. Alex Spring, D, Charlotte Hounds
61. Zach Esser, D, Denver Outlaws
62. Reid Weber, A, Ohio Machine
63. James Ikeda, LSM, Denver Outlaws

Eighth Round
64. Mike Unterstein, M, Florida Launch
65. Craig Bunker, FO/M, Atlanta Blaze
66. John Ortolani, FO/M, New York Lizards
67. Josh Dionne, A, Rochester Rattlers
68. Conor Helfrich, M, Boston Cannons
69. Chris Allen, M, Charlotte Hounds
70. Zach Losco, M, New York Lizards
71. Will Haas, G, Ohio Machine
72. Mike Nugent, G, Denver Outlaws

Ninth Round
73. Austin Giesler, G, Florida Launch
74. Jesse King, M, Atlanta Blaze
75. Pat Conroy, LSM, Chesapeake Bayhawks
76. Jason Lashomb, G, Rochester Rattlers
77. Eric Haggarty, G, Boston Cannons
78. Scott Nelson, A, Charlotte Hounds
79. John Reicherter, M, New York Lizards
80. David DiMaria, A, Ohio Machine
81. Zachary Price, D, Denver Outlaws

10th Round
82. Pat Farrell, D, Florida Launch
83. Henry Lobb, D, Atlanta Blaze
84. Brian Farrell, D, Chesapeake Bayhawks
85. Scott Tota, G, Rochester Rattlers
86. Carson Cannon, D, Boston Cannons
87. Kyle Rhattigan, A, Charlotte Hounds
88. Joseph Radin, A, New York Lizards
89. Eric O'Brien, M, Ohio Machine
90. Alexander Kraweck, G, Denver Outlaws

11th Round
91. Duncan Clancy, M, Florida Launch
92. James Pannell, A, Atlanta Blaze
93. Robert Maddux, A, Chesapeake Bayhawks
94. Dan Lomas, A, Rochester Rattlers
95. Sean Lawton, M, Boston Cannons
96. David Manning, D, Charlotte Hounds
97. John Glesener, A, New York Lizards
98. Mike Bierney, M, Ohio Machine
99. Brian vonBargen, M, Denver Outlaws

12th Round
100. Troy Kemp, M, Florida Launch
101. Spencer Parks, A, Atlanta Blaze
102. Carter Brown, A, Chesapeake Bayhawks
103. Stephen Keogh, A, Rochester Rattlers
104. Harrison Cotter, M, Boston Cannons
105. Dan Burns, M, Charlotte Hounds
106. Jerry Ragonese, FO/M, New York Lizards
107. Logan Schuss, A, Ohio Machine
108. Quinn Moroney, A, Denver Outlaws

109. Paul Bitetti, D, Atlanta Blaze
110. Jason Crane, D, Chesapeake Bayhawks
111. Cameron Bell, G, Boston Cannons
112. John English, M, Atlanta Blaze
113. Joe Cinosky, D, Chesapeake Bayhawks
114. Korey Hendrickson, M, Chesapeake Bayhawks
115. Nate Lewnes, A, Chesapeake Bayhawks 

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